How to pray? No, no George, the Yanks are right.

David Davis

I liked that: telling God which way is up. Brilliant. Ace.

But America was always supposed to be The City Upon A Hill.

I really hope they make it, bless them, the poor buggers. Somebody’s got to.

We’ve failed (but we did do good once.)


  1. I live in eastern Washington state. I don’t so much like Obama, but I didn’t like McCain that much either. I know a lot of people who share my sentiments about our political condition. I voted for someone else.

    I pray for Obama and for my country. I don’t agree with him, I don’t know that his faith is comparable to mine. I can only hope he’s honest, even if that’s atypical for politicians.

    If he’s really a man of integrity, he’ll be a better president than any in the last 20 years. (My recollection doesn’t go much further than that, I’m not that old.) I don’t like all his promises, but if he can keep even half of them, he’s amazing.

    I’m not sure I caught the full meaning of your post, I suspect there’s a lot of background info I’m missing, but as someone who leans Libertarian – my understanding of it – I thought I’d chime in. Even when things aren’t going they way I hoped they would, there’s hope either that this one will change, or that the next one will be better, and that society won’t completely collapse in the meantime.

  2. Sam:

    I rather like Mary Kay Letourneau.

    She wrote me a 150-page hand-written letter when she was being held in 24/7 solitary lockdown for over a year at Purdy Prison, WA. for the high crime of talking with the father of two of her children.

    I visited with her in 2000.



  3. Sam:

    Not sure what my old mate Tony is going on about there, but I also do hope, for your sake and all ours here in The West, that Obama turns out good.

    As you will see from mining this blog for a year or so, we have not exactly been his friend.

    But I will give him, as your new President, the benefit of the doubt, as that number of people oughtn’t really to be able to be wrong; perhaps I was instead, but we shall have to see.

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