The facts of life: it is impossible to confront them without becoming a conservative…

…..as Old Labour chancellor Denis Healey has realised, through experience.

David Davis

In this DT interview, Healey says several things about personal wealth, and about progressive taxation, calculated to upset Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling. I don’t think hes’ just sayin’ it to make the Quisling-Graph happy: who the f*** cares about it anyway? It’s becoming dead-tree-press just like the rest, only more slowly, being nominally conservative.

Nah. the poor old bugger – God bless him – towards the evening of his life,  has realised which way is up.

I did not look kindly on him for stating on live Wireless Tele Vision, that Margaret Thatcher “glories in slaughter” – (wikiquote Guardian Newspaper 2nd June 1983) – re the Falklands War, and I think in particular regarding our sinking of the old American cruiser renemed “General Belgrano“. But if he’s repented of both that and also of socialism, then he deserves a peaceful old age.


  1. Re, glorying in slaughter. Let me note that I would have had the Royal Navy sink every single bit of Argentinian shipping in the world. As a warm up act.

  2. This is it. The Falklands, like the Gulf War, was a completely casus belli effort. We administered The Falklands, most of the people there were British citizens who spoke English.

    In the case of the Gulf War, well, Saddam should never have invaded Kuwait, despite what sort of politics the Allies were using.

    We’ve made a fairly inflexible rod for our backs with this last set of wars though, metaphorically-speaking.

  3. Oh, and the Quisling-Graph is probably the only decent newspaper widely available in Britain today from what I’ve seen. But you’re rocking them in their Quisling Towers First Sea Lord Davis, they can’t compete with interaction!

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