Perhaps the EU really IS the problem; institutional totalitarianism…

…is what’s driving our own home-grown Gestapo, who want to bask in the Brussels-Nazis’ reflected glory.

David Davis

This has come from Raedwald, a version of the story has also appeared at The Devil, and I found the disgusting picture at Obnoxio The Clown.

(…and as we know, “l’SS combat pour l’Europe”…)

The problem for libertarians is where to construct a minimal-State, in which liberalism can keep on showing Statism to be hideous, by demonstrating what will instead be achieved. The gradual subsumation of all the countries East of the Atlantic into a unitary tyranny makes it only harder. Moreover, post-war British bureaucrats seem more zealous in oppression, and more dedicated to personal interference in people’s lives, than any others.

I shudder to think what they’d have done in the event of a successful invasion of Britain in 1940. Collaboration on a large scale, probably as bad as in France if not worse, I would guess.

It’s almost certainly the glorious vista of absolute power being absolutely delightful, and which is held out by junketing-trips for town-twinning, conferences about Common-European-Procrusteanism, and the like, that is egging on our home-grown Nazis and state-snoopers to greater heights of connivance in this gigantic project of enslavement.

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