The top ten Soviet buzzwords (and what they mean)

David Davis

Argue about them here. And please could our reader add some more? This madness came up too.


  1. Dave:


    What do you-all want to work towards?

    I’d choose a different title, though. You wouldn’t be overly impressed if the pilot told you “We’re flying _towards_ New York.” You don’t want to go towards New York — you want to go _to_ New York… >:-}

    My exquisite new SONY PS3 arrived today. Now, to get it running Yellow Dog Linux and Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard as well. Way to go!

    I have to tell you that I’m lazy. (Remember?) Everything I come up with is designed for a minimum of work. >:-}



    PS: What does your “other half” think of Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine?

  2. I particularly object to “Symposium” being a meeting. A symposium is a piss up where you talk bollocks about philosophy, (see Plato, Socrates et al).

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