Everybody’s doing it!

Do the Twist!

David Davis

Here’s your blogeditor’s score:-


And it’s an excuse for some music, which my junior staff have been too lazy – or too overcome by homework – to air for a while:-

Wonder why that rhythm always makes me think of Walschaerts valve gear?


  1. Right. I’m going to take this test again, as it’s been a while.

    (like checking for blood pressure, it’s important to keep tabs on one’s own politics)

    How are you anyway David, life treating you well I trust?

    I’ve moved to a dot com now, in case you weren’t aware. Hope to see you on ours soon.

    Take care fella


    John Demetriou

  2. David,
    Can you give us the link to that Libertarian-Authoritarian-Left-Right score thingy please?

  3. Dave:

    I’m not big on political labels, nor am I into the endless regress of “the meaning of words.” What should be taken seriously are problem-situations, hypotheses, actions, the problems they solve, and the problems they raise.

    I’m a Popper boi….

    I.e. I’m a nominalist, not an essentialist when it comes to words and their meanings.

    Almost invariably, the value of any discussion is inversely proportional to the time spent discussing “the meaning of words.” I don’t think that the prime purpose of philosophy should be the analysis of language.



  4. “You are a center-left social libertarian.
    Left: 2.72, Libertarian: 4 ”

    Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist.
    Culture: Cultural liberal.

    I’m quite happy with that. I feared it may come out as Gramsco-Marxian! 🙂

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