I’ve upset The Remittance Man….

….without meaning to.

David Davis

He’s got the-‘ump about a comment left by me the other week, on his post here. He replied to it here, but not in the way I’d quite bargained for.

Wossitallabout? Well, he writes an interesting Classical liberal/broad libertarian blog, from an interesting geographical perspective, whereby he can do two things at once – the one-stone solution to the two-bird problem. He’s able not only to comment remotely on Police State British affairs, via the interweb-thingy for as long as it stays available to us, but also on the nefarious goings-on in West Gomboliland Southern Africa, containing as it does the usual artificially-generated series of semi-automated murderers, and other chimerical mountebanks, posing as “Leaders”, on something they and their sycophantic admirers here call “The World Stage”.

If the buggers knew that the phrase “the world stage” is coined after the work of a dead white Caucasian male playwright, featuring a metaphor in one of his sonnets, I bet they’d stop using it so much.

The point I was probably trying to make, perhaps clumsily, to The Remittance Man is that, if you write an incisive and interesting blog, which people return to, then you oughtn’t to leave gaps of several days…..Apart from good writing (essential) your blog partly gets to be incisive and interesting by being regular – which is why, miserable illiterate wretches though we are here in the LA typewriting-pool nissen-hut, we try to do something, anything vaguely relevant to the point of our existence,  each day.

He puts nice pictures up too, now and then, although I wish he’d get over his cryptic taste for thigh-boots. (But it’s his blog, he can do anything he likes. P’raps I’m being statist.)


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