More soldiers refused service in leftist anti-war Britain: So embarrassing.

Remember the Metro Hotel in Woking, another garrison town? What’s the betting that some officious guardianista at  J D Wetherspoon watched quietly and thought they’d do the same….

David Davis

Now then….Yes, I _know_ libertarians disapprove of a big State, especially one that does war stuff, but we’re stuck with this one, Britain, as the rather unpromising environment in which we have to try and peacefully build up political suppport for miminal-Statist/liberal policies. All in all, things could be worse; we could be trying to be libertarians in North Korea or Cuba – but not a lot worse.

I’m now giong to get castigated by certain persons on the blog’s commentariat, for saying what I’m going to say……

It’s so discouraging when you find that the people, the material you have to work with and on, are so cretinously stalinist themselves.

And now this. Honestly: how to shoot yourself and your army’s morale in the foot, in front of your enemies the world over, part 17A.

More soldiers, just back from deployment, refused entry to some bar or other, in their depot town, Portsmouth too. Look at the pic: the guys just gotta be over 21.

So, so under 21, yes.
So, so under 21, yes.

It’s so embarrassing, I just so want to die these days, of sheer shame that I share the breathable air with people who casuistically refuse perfectly valid ID, and not be here among this panorama of moral decay.

People who read this, and this and this, and seemingly under these rules, might be interested to take the matter further.

Why do they need ID to get into  _any_  Blighty boozer, at all, anyway, for f***’s sake? Come on J D Wetherspoon, stop reading the Guardian and get out more – perhaps to Afghanistan.

Chaps, if you come up north, we’ll buy you and your squad a pint any time.


  1. WTF is a “UK Citizens Card”? Surely a military ID card ( as in “You’d probably be a German citizen if it weren’t for people like me card”) trumps whatever this unofficial document is!

  2. I agree, Jock.

    My view is that neo-Fabians embedded voluntarily or unconsciously in “organisations ” are covertly exercising their geo-political leanings under authority partly hijacked from their enlarged status, as, say, the people who brief the bouncers and “doormen”.

  3. I posted this literate comment to Danny Finkelstein’s blog at TimesOnline.

    Oddly enough, it never made it through his censorship process…


    To ask “Did the election of Bush change the course of British history?” is to ask the wrong question.

    Britsh and American and indeed World history were changed by the fact that an in-place Coup took place in the US under cover of the events of “9/11”, whereby power passed from the elected President George W. Bush into the hands of an authoritarian clique led by Attorney-General John Ashcroft and Vice-Pesident Dick Cheney.

    George W. Bush and his supporters gradually regained control, especially with the departure of John Ashcroft, and the resignation of some of the more hard-core of the NeoCons,

    This is regardless of who actually orchestrated the attacks of “9/11.” The “Official Conspiracy Theory” is as of now lying on its back, its legs waving feebly in the air. “9/11” was _used_ to usurp power.

    We will never know what a George W. Bush presidency might have been like. It should, however, be understood that the US exerts enormous power over British Social Control and Foreign policy. This, on a day-to-day basis.

    The practical difference between the black farce of the NeoCon regime, and George W. Bush can, perhaps, best be understood by re-reading George W. Bush’s inspiring Second Inaugural Address.

    Best Wishes,

    Tony Hollick

    Pilots for 911 Truth

  4. Do HM’s Forces have the concept of declaring a place “off-limits” to military personnel? Anyplace not accepting a military ID as proof of age would seem to be a prime candidate.

  5. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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