Dogshit street terror watch scandal shock new pictures


I adore dogs, really I do. Or at least they adore me (they do.) But it’s been some time since the last occurrence of this material outside Davis Towers, so I suppose the bugger’s come back.

It’s not for the Council Soviet to legislate, or even clear it up: it’s for the owner. Libertarianism faces a bleak Dark Age in a country where individuals are losing their sense of personal responsibility and Civic Pride. Libertarians ought to have no objection to the concept of Civic Pride, since it originated in the spirit of liberty to form voluntary institutions, the agreed job of which was to improve the world and people’s lives. Nobody had to join if theye decided not: fascism was still a world and a century away.

The dogshit will remian there until the owner returns for it. I will report periodically.


  1. Dave:

    Who owns the sidewalk? Who is responsible legally for its health and safety issues where users are concerned?

    What would a private pavement owner do?

    I recall that — in the “good old days” — people in cities threw their own sewage into the street.



    PS: Just joking, but what impact might a discreet advert in your front garden have, if it said: “Korean Gentleman Seeks Nutritious Dogs”?

  2. To Julia M:-

    I (think I) know who it is wot dunn it. Trouble is, I can’t be arsed to watch up at that hour of the morning, to open fire upon the human (not the dog, it’s just a poor enslaved animal that gets dragged about for “walks”.) The rain and snow and geenral degradation will have to do its stuff.

    To Tony, old man:-

    I will try a poster, Tony. That’s an intruiging idea. but owing to the cultural depredations of Endemol and Peter Bazalgette, I do not think I will get much interest, inimical or otherwise.

  3. Dave:

    If you know who it is, get their address. Then go to your PC and dial up MCOL — Money Claims OnLine (a division of the Courts Service), sue them for a specific amount plus costs for clearing it up, and in a few minutes they will receive an Official Nottingham Court Civil Summons in their letter-box (the next day). They’ll pay.

    [ FX: “Clean Up Dogshit for Fun & Profit”]



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