I never knew there could be such a thing as a banned Jewish TV ad

My 100-chimpanzee-typewriter-research stenographic staff in the video-scanning-Nissen-Hut just went on idly, and this turned up. How extraordinary for a concept…I think it’s very sensual anyway, so there:-

What a delicious, pretty girl: I shall naturally acquire four of those at least (for Mohammed [peace be upon him] has said it’s all right if I can “support them” (pun.) He trumps Jesus Christ (being 600-odd-years more modern) who would have taken an alternative, possibly more reactionary  – dare I say conservative? – view. Of course M had more than four, and also probably many, many captured and forcibly-widowed Jewesses too (He said that was OK also, He really did, I’m just quoting Him.) Moreover, I have noticed that He [peace be upon him] says Jews are “dhimmis”, so of course then I can do anything I want with them: women-dhimmis of course will have even more “modified” status than ordinary ones.

I am sure that the “Jo Brand” thingytroid, whatever such a Marxi-Gramscomachine may be in reality (I have to say I had really never, never, heard of her at all before the last few days) will agree. This is ‘coz since Mohammed is not somebody to whom we should in any circumstances “send the poo” (not my words, Jo Brand’s!), as of course naturally he [Peace be upon Him] is not a member of the BNP, and is therefore entirely non-racist.

Pity that the pretty advert-girl’s ears (not the JoBrand-machine’s) are too small and flat for her profile. I said “ears”. I really did.

Just some Saturday night nonsense.

And a Spitfire to round off:-

633 Squadron Mosquito Deathstar attack spoof:-


  1. Perfect David. And perfect Spitfire.

    In the subject of Flight Dynamics, control surfaces are very important. Most people think a plane can manouvre at any angle during flight, of course having wings and all.

    The Messerschmitt held fast to this principle, forgetting completely R.J.Michell’s bowed wing design which of course with its Merlin v12 engine keeps the wind flow at a controllable rate despite the position of the aircraft.

    Half makes you want to have a go, on reflection. 😛

  2. Or was it v16? Ne’er mind, open up a’ can a’ whoop ass!

    (Sorry to any German readers – I Love You)


  3. The Germans don’t mind any more, Steven. I also take off my hat to the ME-109, a grand fighter, and hard against us, but a little difficult to get out of if yoo wozz in a spot of bother. (I know, I’ve tried one when younger, thankfully static on the ground and not in reality. I got stuck and had to be helped, I’d have died in 1940.) Nearly 40,000 were built and you can’t say fairer than that.

    And it was a V-12. both had those in fact. I think the Mess was a D-Benz one, or maybe BMW later. All had 48-valves and fuel-injection later, even the Merlin!

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