Dolphins can’t be as smart as Einstein then, after all.

David Davis

Honestly, the things we do for all the other blasted vertebrates, and they still don’t learn already.

Personally, I blame global warming on the trilobites for spending too much time shagging, and thus for forgetting to leave us their clay tablets: and on the dinosaurs for not leaving us their backed-up computer-records, of global surface, atmospheric and extra-solar temperatures, sampled over a large enough number of locations.

The 100-typewriting-Chimpanzees, in the Nissen Hut, tell me that Dolphins have sex for fun. Well, they can’t have been paying much attention then.

More lunch!
More lunch!


  1. Ah man, I’ve had some weird dreams about Dolphins, I can tell you.

    It always starts with me casting a glance portside, only to find a group of Dolphins leaping out of the water, demonstrating their virtuosity. I dive happily in, marvelling at their aquabatics and even standing on two like water skis, albeit momentarily.

    Then there’s that solid cold moment of reflection, when it looks to me like they’re talking to each other…


  2. “Personally, I blame global warming on the trilobites for spending too much time shagging…”

    Heh heh heh 🙂

  3. Steven:

    In many ways, dolphins are smarter than we are. Each dolphin has its own unique ID sound, like an IP address. Of course they speak to each other! The languages are studied.

    They can roam the world.

    They spend 5% of their time and effort on their physical need, food etc. The other 95% they play and have sex.

    How many humans can say the same?

    [ FX: “You can, Tony…” ]

    Being (re)incarnated as a dolphin with lifespan extension and the ability to be a Virtual Human sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Being a Virtual Dolphin sounds like fun, too. >:-}


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