Modern Police-Britain and the Spanish Inquisition: astonishingly good article by Legiron

David Davis

I ought to ask The Landed Underclass to join the Libertarian Alliance’s 100-Chimpanzee-typewriting-and-Research-Nissen-Hut “team” 0f assistant executive liberty-promotional-associates, or whatever places like Apple retail outlets call their shop-staff these days.

He has, unlike me and the Chimpanzees, been “reading around”. He came up with this. Here is the ref, from Legiron, for the book in question. I’d buy it while you’re still allowed to:-

[Source: The Spanish Inquisition, a history, by Joseph Perez. ISBN 1-86197-687-9 in case anyone’s interested. The English translation by Janet Lloyd, was published by Profile Books, London, in 2004.]

Legiron asks why the “Righteous” are incensed, and scream “racist!” about anyone who thinks of voting for the BNP. His point if I understand it right is that the BNP are only exactly as autoritarian and control-freakish than the Righteous parties (which is all of them except the LPUK) and also come without the baggage of unpopular foreign wars and the EU. The Libertarian Alliance has always made clear that the BNP is merely another corporatist/state-collectivist party just like the other biggies, and that the British left hates and fears it because it competes with it for the same part of the Franchise.


  1. Dave:

    You understate the toxicity of the BNP, both oon ots overt and covert policies and membership.

    It must have occurred to you, that it could easily ne a ‘dangle’ of your beloved “Enemy Class.” Ask yourself why MI5’s ‘SEARCHLIGHT’ is always giving it column-inches.

    Why ape “SEARCHLIGHT”, Dave?

    Ignore the BNP. You don’t know what it is, and who “owns” it. Many of its key members wake up in the morning and cannot remember which side of the Moebius Strip they’re on… (Smiles)

    The guy who edits “Right Now!” regrets ever having anything to do with it.

    Your Enemy’s Enemy is still your enemy, and the BNP are worse than most…



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