John Sentamu is right in his observations but wrong in his analysis

David Davis

Christians are indeed regarded as “mad“. But that’s just a enemy-class-tactic. The Enemy Class knows full well – and would if pressed be mildly pleased on TV to admit – that it is evil and wicked, as does Satan. (Just look at the up-yours-junk in Tate Modern.) The point is to marginalise first, and then destroy – once they have become sufficiently unpopular –  your enemies. If Christians persist in behaving like enemies of amorality, then they will just get swept away with the rest of the reactionary trash.

Poor Dr John Sentamu thinks that droids like “Fabians”, “the Cabinet”, the makers of mass-hypnosis-TV-programmes, the upper echelons of the BBC, and the denizens of quangos, are not innately and institutionally evil beings. he is sadly mistaken, for these do evil because it’s er, umm, what they do, it’s their, er, job and objective in life.

From the way in which the Universe seems to behave in reality, as manifested by Gramsco-Marxians, it is reasonable to suppose the existence of absolute Evil.


  1. St, Augustine it was I think, who said that evil is a lack of a particular something in a person, probably repressed. If whatever happened to make them that way, they’ll recreate it, instead of quantifying it and changing it, such is the good way.

    There are some who are just evil because they have what we call now personality disorders, who are considered simply bad people. And I agree with that. God knows, I’ve met a few in my time.

    But I’ve always liked this Archbishop of York. He is a real Christian, in practically every sense. Because he’s African, he gets the bathing pool out and baptises people in the grounds of the church, he spent, I think it was Lent or something in a tent to aquiesce to the teachings of Jesus, and he’s shown great consideration to the English people with most of his comments.

    In any case David, not a bad bloke.

  2. Sentamu seems like a reasonable man. With regard to the Left and the existence of Evil in general, it’s a apparent that the thing that keeps them from believing in or even acknowledging its existance is that they would then perforce be compelled to consider the existence of a force for Good in the universe. Other than themsleves, of course. A higher power than themselves they will never acknowledge.

  3. Evil? No, for the most part anyway. The Left in this country has long been stupid, though, for reasons of dogma. It beggars belief to think that there are people who think Labour have done a good job but experience teaches that if you believe the dogma of socialism you make all of the world fit into your Procrustean bed of belief. The state we’re in is disastrous to any objective view but to a socialist, ‘We’re creating the ideal society, brothers.’ Thanks Sean Gabb for avoiding what is destroying the Church of England (my church incidentally) which is trying to look reasonable and all things to all men. Say it like it is; if there are those who are offended, good!

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