Terrorism and a Police State: now Dame Stella Rimington speaks out…

….but not here – in Spain.

David Davis

As we say often, “Sean Gabb has often said that….”


  1. Dame Stella’s statement can be well understood
    by a uniquely insightful article, Marketing Fear: Representing Terrorism After September 11 in the Journal for Crime, Conflict and the Media, where Steven Chermak offers a threadbare analysis of how some opinion makers, writers and media experts take full advantage of the propaganda opportunity by creating a symbolic threat, structuring the response to eradicate the threat, and declaring symbolic victories.

    In this backdrop, is it a coincidence that almost once a quarter, journalists like BBC’s Richard Watson breaking stories of lurking but mostly unfounded and at times unproved dangers?

    For a sense of proportion, do all potential threats from one tiny niche of a broadly
    peaceful and law abiding minority as showcased
    on this page:

    Ever since Nick Parker interviews British lads
    volunteering in operations against civilians in Gaza, many wonder if such elements step over
    some limits and become a security liability
    for the country. No interest shown by Mr. Watson so far, who has been enthusiastically running to Tower Hamlet libraries to survey if some books there contain any references to violence.

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