An Englishman’s castle: how does one post comments?

David Davis

I can’t do it, because every time I try, I get told this:-

“Your comment posting failed because you have submitted too many comments in too short a time. Please try again in a short while.”

If he’s reading this, can he tell us what to do?


  1. Don’t know – I can’t see anything in the logs that is blocking you, and I have just made you a special “trusted commentator” so that should help, as always if you have problems email me the comment. (I have to block several hundred spam comment a day so my defences are set fairly high…)

  2. To Englishman:-

    Thanks for prompt reply! OK I will try asap and see if it works.
    You write such trenchant stuff that we sometimes feel the uncontrollable urge to add value to it….

  3. Dave:

    “… I have just made you a special “trusted commentator”…”

    Like that???


    [ FX: (Waiting… tap… tap… tap…)


  4. I expect he means I can comment without the software bouncing me.

    As to you writing on here, just email me the posts normally (you know where to) and I will put them up _UN-edited_ under your by-line if you want, subject of course to “the usual constraints”…(grin)

  5. Dave:


    But I do hope that “the usual constraints” don’t again include assault, malcious harrassment, false arrest, forcible confinement, lying, assault and so on… (smiles)



  6. It’s about 40 miles east of us at a guess. We went there once, it’s what I’d call a socialist-eroded fossil milling and mining town. It would have been not unattractive in its heyday.

  7. I would not know what to do with a bow like that, Tony! Now if it was a longbow, now you’re talking!

    …or are you bidding for it? if so, collect it and pop in here on the way there or back.

  8. Send me stuff you think would go with what we do here Tony. (But as you know, we’re not very into conspiracy theory thingies in a very big way…grin…) Good original thought about libertarian issues, or comment on something topical to which they can link (if you write it in Word or whatever – I expect you probably sniffily pointedly use something else! – and embed the hyperlinks, then if i can open it in Word, I can copy-paste the whole thing into a wordpress form and the links will stay live.)

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