Jade Goody, “Jack Tweed”, cancer and slebs. What has become of us as a civilisation?

David Davis

I swore not to write about Jade Goody. Honestly, I did – whether she was dead or alive.

For foreign readers – of whom there may now be many, I cannot count – Jade Goody is a person who appeared, a few (I can’t remember how many) years ago, on a thing called “Big Brother” (I don’t expect you people in proper countries have that on your Wireless Tele Visions: only we do, as this is ZanuLieBorgLand and the thing is designed as a deliberate neo-Utopian-de-educator.) She insulted, racially, it is said, a person called Shilpa Shetty, a “Bollywood” actress, calling her “Shilpa Poppadom” – my reaction on being told this by a scandalised student was “so what”? since the actress said at the time that she did not mind either way. But Jade Goody became, er, famous for being famous.

Now, the world has learned that Jade Goody is dying of metastatised cervical cancer. Of course, this is a very sad position for anybody to be in. The issues as regards the Libertarian Alliance, and what I decide to blog about for it, are as follows:-

(1) Societies that are in decline, in terms of their philosophical stature, start to worship false gods. That is to say, they are like the Incas and Mayans and other failed-projects, and all that lot which elevate a human being for a week or so, then tear its heart out, while it is living, in front of everyone. Socialism encourages this of course as I have always said, as the public purging of pity and terror takes the watchers’ minds off their own problems with the enemy-class (be it priests or rulers) for a few minutes or days. Jade Goody’s TV travails and  tele-tormentings of others and herself were just another ingenious device: used by people like Peter Bazalgette, to help narcotize the British People into keeping ZanuLieBorg in power for longer.

(2) Jade Goody herself has focussed on what is important in the time left to her, which shows that All Men are capable of redemption and forgiveness. This is the ultimate Libertarian message, as I keep saying, which destroys both at one moment the entire pseudo-science of “criminology”, and also ampplifies the truth which All Men know, which is that God gave Men Free Will – to choose either Good, or Evil. The choice it ours. She has, in her last weeks, chosen Good. She apparently got married yesterday, to somebody called Jack Tweed, and although huge sums of money have been arranged for the “rights” to the pictures etc, the money will be used to help educate her little sons. I think this is a bloody good show. Good for her, and it shows that underneath perhaps, just perhaps, she was not really like the others.

If she is sincere, this sad story then shows the power of repentance and redemption. I object to the auto-insertion into the narrative of the odious cockroach-of-faux-celebrity-Max-Clifford, from whom I would be reluctant to accept a whisky, in case there were media-rights-conditions attached, but if he helps her to save the lives and futures of her poor boys, I will be satisfied. (I’m sure his software will find this blog entry.)

Oh, and Jack Straw has after all some glimmerings of humanity and kindness in his institutionalo-socialistically-warped soul (like all the others who are potentially-lost souls.) He allowed Jack Tweed’s curfew (the fellow has what is known as a “tag”, whatever that might be) to be lifted for one night.  of course, he is the “Justice Minister”, so he can do anything he likes I guess. But it was kind and it ought to be noted. I am quite sure that The Recording-Angel has already filed this matter.

I don’t think that ultimately Jack Straw is an innately bad man, even though a socialist, and potentially unforgiveable, for the wrongness of this policy-position is patent. He too is potentially capable of redemption – even though he did this deed for socialist-ZanuLieBorg publicity reasons.


  1. I don’t much read the papers nowadays, so I was quite out of the loop regarding this Jade Goody thing. I have to say, when I found out it was terminal I was shocked and upset.

    Moreover I think it’s a fucking abysmal set of affairs. I mean, she’s about the same age as me, and this is it for her now, isn’t it? I wish I could think of something conciliatory to say, something human.

    Time for a liquid remedy I think.

  2. I live abroad and keep informed with UK news.
    Amazed at how this story made international news, I dug into who Jade Goody is.

    This tale has a modern time Oliver Twis twist to it, his life as a character in the middle of thiefs her life as a character in the middle of medias.

    It’s great if through her plea other woman become aware of cervical cancer.
    “Focus on what is important for the time left to her to her”… all depends on priorities:
    Sickness aside, it is said she made a few millions, and this should be enough to assure her boys a good education. Redemption and forgiveness are long run issues, and i wonder how will the children see Jade’s actual actions? Should she not spend her last energy and share her quality moments with her children instead of running left and right to earn from a marriage to someone who is not even the boy’s father?
    i hope the boys will not see it the same way i do.

    I wish her to recover or at least the best of time to share with her family and loved ones.

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  4. I have watched the fact that the media have also made a fortune out of selling newspapers .Politicians gained publicity on the TV and media bandwagon .Nevertheless thsi family have been villified then glorified.what itg does say thyat anyone from a deprived background of poor social background can make fame and fortune if they have the iniotiative and luck and then make a silk purse out of a sows ear !Good on Jade Goody you have beaten the staus quo yet evn shakespeare couldn’t have written a better tragic drama!Truth is stranger than fiction ,!

  5. My ex husband is now being cared for by me post operative lung cancer,Made redundant one week then diagnosed with lung cancer the next week before christmas He seems to be recovering well after major surgery on NHS .We do not yet know his prognosis but reading about Jade must have an impact on all who are suffering this scourge .We need optimism and research this needs funds .Jades campaigns may help if it raises the many issues surrounding cancer .

  6. There are other points to this story.
    1. She shows the lie that celeb. culture gives you a happy ever after ending
    2. The hate she has received shows up a disturbing trend to treat real people as objects.
    3. I believe that she did have prior screening and treatment. her cancer is particularly aggressive.
    4. How many other teenage carers out there are having to live as unsupported feral children. She is much to be admired.

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