David Davis

I want this new English common-noun to be internetized, and to end up in the Oxford Dictionary next year. Please help. Hat tip Guido Fawkes for showing us what it means in primary form.

It has the advantage that it does not directly denigrate pigs, noble animals that they are, and entirely without the taint of socialism, so far as they may be aware.


  1. Or, you could take a look at Crony-Capitalism, American-style…

    By the end of all this, American people will be _begging_ for Social Democracy…

    And they won’t be the only ones.

    It is a reasonable, testable hypothesis, that the nultiple bubbles were engineered by the Thatcher, Reagan and Bush Right-Wing governments to create the illusion that “Capitalism” actually works as stated.

    Or, to cover up the fact that it didn’t and doesn’t “work.” Social Democracy (with all its faults) created the greatest rise in living standards the world has ever seen.

    Now, a whole bunch of Right-Wing ideologues are facing the greatest disaster they have ever seen, with their pseudo-scientific “economics” in tatters along with their reputations.

    I once asked Eamonn Butler of the ASI if “New Labour” was “Thatcherism with a human face.”

    “No”, he said, “It’s just plain Thatcherism. Our job is to liberalize it…”

    [ FX: “Shows promise. Must try harder.” ]



    “Fasten your seat belts. You never had a trip like this before… — “Vanishing Point” [1971].

    PS: That wet stuff trickling down your leg is what’s left of “trickle-down economics…”

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