Sean Gabb – My speech to the Oxford Union

Sean Gabb

I made my speech to the Oxford Union the other evening.

I was assured afterwards that it was a good one.

I think it was better than the one I gave the Tory boys a couple of weeks back.


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  1. Come on Sean, you can’t tempt us like that and not have a transcript or something. You did say in one of your mails that there wouldn’t be a video, but would be nice to read what was said at least! 🙂

  2. For Christ sake Sean! PC is right. How about a transcript? Still keeping tabs on you from Amerika.

  3. Friends,

    What Mr. Gabb said at Oxford probably corresponds fairly neatly to what he has said before on the subject. Look on his Free Life Commentary.

    Isn’t it enough to know that he did well, without getting the poor fellow to post a transcript?

    Nemo dat quod non habet

  4. Oh James – do you think I don’t know what Sean is likely to have said? I’ve read everything he’s ever published 🙂

    It’s that I want moaaarrrr!

    Give me my free ice cream right now!

  5. as Reichs-Uber-Blogmeisterfuhrer and post-Gauleiter in chief, I have humble requested to Sean that he might put pen to paper in the fullness of time.

    From memory, I believe that no transcripts or recordings are allowed in the debating chamber.

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