Gail Trimble on Tuesday totty-watch: brought to you by the anti-elitist BBC

UPDATE2:- Here is a   _really_    good idea even the murdering-Maoist-BBC-telly-people who hate Oxbridge for being elitist should love it……..

UPDATE:- They really _do_ seem to want to get at us. Look at this.

David Davis

We learn that, owing to a somewhat pedantic technicality, CCC have been disqualified from University Challenge, and Manchester invested with the title of this round instead. Well. The booby-see had to do something to reinforce its anti-élitist credentials, didn’t it.

Never mind. Let’s enjoy pretending to discuss the history of epistemological theory, with nice, clever Gail Trimble, with a glass of port, by candle-light, while there’s still time. Sod the f*****g BBC, sod University Challenge, and to hell with the Wireless Tele Vision: let’s do what matters in life.

Wonder what would have happened if she’d agreed to pose for “NUTS”? (We’d have had to sack poor hardworking Keeley Hazell, or else get her a place at….Ch.Ch…..I guess.)

Here’s what The Times thought just after the show. And Melanie Phillips in the Mail: (I didn’t know the “mob” hates this girl? Weird. So here’s Harry Mount (this link works I now think….but actually it still doesn’t…you can get the important Harry Mount article from a livelink INSIDE the Melanie Phillips article) with a possible take.)

I can’t make the Mailonline links link properly. Probably deliberate on their part. You’ll have to go to their portal and get on each of them manually inside it, yourself.


  1. I love a woman like that. Oh yeah. Definitely. So many faculties to, ahem, cater for.


  2. A lie by the accountant ‘studying chemistry’.

    Complicity by the team captain.

    Honorable? Shameful? You decide.

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