In the coming Green-Endarkenment, there will be more of this, out of necessity

It is well known that Labour administrations close more hospitals, schools and University science departments than Tories do, per unit time. It has therefore long been apparent that the “socialist project” has not been about “helping the working man”, ever – at least not for about 100 years – and more about overturning the Enlightenment and what this did to make Man’s previous unavoidable condition seem hideous and immoral.

David Davis

I came across this snippet (sorry, bad pun) over at Tim Worstall’s place. I’m certain that the Libertarian Alliance has no policy-position on methods of childbirth, unlike statists, Greenazis and other Luddites with axes to grind, it being in this elightened (for now) day and age a matter for the individual family’s choice.

But what if that choice, so hardly won from nothing over centuries of struggle and thought, by the Lights of Science, were to be so tragically attenuated again by the Perverted Lights of faux-neuo-pastoralist Greenazism?

The older I get, the more jaundiced a view I take of socialists, in all their self-avowedly-different colours and shapes.


  1. Uncritically championing scientic progress in relation to childbirth (and assuming only Luddites question this rationality) is as authoritarian and paternalistic as insisting that it should be pain-relief free.

    It helps to support the incorrect assumption that childbirth is and always has been inherently dangerous, now requiring full medicalisation and submission to hospital protocols for “safe management”.

    These protocols exist primarily for the benefit, comfort and protection of hospitals and medical professionals. They are applied to all but only protect the very few actually at risk. The protocols regularly force many unnecessary medical interventions onto women, causing problems which regularly require increasing intervention to rectify.

    Each intervention poses a risk to the safety and wellbeing of women and their babies – but when vulnerable and faced with medical authority, most families will quietly comply.

    This takes no account of individual liberty and it is not an acceptable price to pay for necessary pain relief, decent sanitation, and emergency life-saving treatment – none of which any sane person would deny is a benefit of scientific progress.

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