A British State-directed science paper for intelligent 16-year-olds

David Davis

This one’s biology: it is astonishingly appalling in its lack of interest in biological knowledge, and its insistence upon knowledge of the principles of dictated social behaviourism, and, er, sociology.

I’ll put up a chemistry paper later tonight: then you’ll really worry. Then, later, a physics one: you will go hysterical.


…and here’s what is defined as the “mark scheme”:-


I just thought we needed a laugh.

For the benefit of foreign readers in proper countries, this is a sample of what’s been done to our science education, by our government, while we slept. Don’t go to sleep, while your government fiddles with your education setup, whatever it might be, while your back is turned.

UPDATE2:- It’s no use merely moaning and whingeing as I am doing here. Even by bringing this more to people’s attention, we can change little in a hurry. The State has not only taken Nazi ownership of our children, but has also intellectually cast them adrift at the same time, and it’s all probably deliberate.

The remedy is to live with them in a houseful of books, use the said books liberally in front of them while making sure that these are text books about real stuff and not pretentiously awful Booker-novels, and discuss with them scientific discoveries and the history of same at mealtimes.

UPDATE1:- From Driver Rob, this is fine stuff and I agree totally. I also use “old” O-level (remember that?) text books to support A2-students of 18 in maths, and “old” GCSE science ones from the 80s and the pre-Blair-90s in general, to cover random GcSE/AS/A2 work from the ages of 15-19.

Governments ought not to be trusted to “run education”, not anywhere, and not at any time, ever.


  1. I got to question two, realised that the whole thing would be used to push an agenda, and quit the PDF. I may have to print it out and burn it in a symbolic act.

  2. Cannabis is used to relieve the symptoms of some illnesses and painkillers can lead to harder drugs right?

    I bet I failed the test(?).

  3. oh,I missed question 2 according to the mark scheme or as we call it the answer key.

    Why would a key be needed for a fifth grade(for 9 year olds) science test?

  4. The statement “Cannabis is used to relieve the symptoms of some illnesses and painkillers can lead to harder drugs” is .TRUE. .IF. (and only .IF.) Cannabis is — in fact — used to relieve the symptoms of some illnesses and painkillers can lead to harder drugs.

    Observation and experiments –on a world-wide scale — clearly and demonstrably show that:

    (a) Cannabis is successfully and widely used for very many medicinal purposes , to relieve the pain and suffering arising from many illnesses :

    and (furthermore):

    [b) painkillers can lead to harder drugs.

    Heroin relieves much pain (Chris Tame used it). Living organisms are so constructed that virtually any practice which increases pleasure and well-being will be repeated; and that the effective use of such materials will lead to a quest for other, more effective substances.

    Doesn’t everyone know this?

    To be sure, a few quacks make considerable fortunes out of “treating” such “addictive” activities; but their ranks are being thinned daily by the collapse of the Crony-Capitalist “economy.”

    As the pain and suffering increses, more and more people will seek effective ways to reduce their pain levels and improve their functionality.

    Suppliers of recreational materials are already doing record business . They can expect to do even better as situations worsen…

    Some people are “addicted” to e.g. property. and to Classical Music: no doubt the “Addiction” quacks might try to collect 2,000 to 5,000 UK poinds per week for a dozen highly profitable weeks so as to “cure” them,

    The world of “addiction” clinics runs on a simple premise:

    [‘ FX: “These people must be mushrooms, so we’ll keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit…” ]



  5. All this controlled substance talk might lead some people to self-medicate. Someone, please think of the children.

  6. Wen I grow up to be a sitizen, I must not:

    1/ Smoke anyfink
    2/ Drink anyfink much
    3/ Divelup enny capasitty 4 indipendunt thawt
    4/ Fotograf a perleaseman-or-wimmin

    Boiz goolees r 4:

    1/ Makin da babees innit, arf arf
    2/ Fiddlin wiv 4 wen I is bored
    3/ Makin boiz diffrunt to da laydeez
    4/ Givvin da perleaseman-or-wimmins sumfink to kick

  7. I find it hard to believe that the ruler drop data hasn ‘t been doctored.

    Why is it now impossible to say that males tend to be better coordinated and women better at mult-tasking (or whatever*)?

    They can’t even tell the truth about uncomfortable facts, can they?

    So, what’s the point of them trying to teach science?

    *the point being that there are differances, on the whole things balance out – e.g. Jade has no appreciable talent whatsoever, but she’s rich ‘n’ famous innit.

  8. To Gendeau:-

    FemiNazism has triumphed. Something so nasty, so quintessentially evil and sublimely wicked, has crept into the crannies between men and women, ushered in by the Fabians I expect as they were all sexually-dysfunctional, that the truth about the differences between males and females of the various genera of Great Apes has to be hushed.

    It is hard to see how the damage can ever be repaired.

    Perhaps Mohammedanism is a brave, but cack-handed and barbarous, attempt to repair this damage.

  9. I’ve sat while my 10 year old daughter answered the Lower Tier part of the exam and scored 24/36, and once I’d told her what Thalidomide was she mentally corrected two of her wrong answers . I’m hoping that in 5 years time she will sitting the Higher Tier.. .. .. ..

    For reference is there a breakdown of the marks / grade boundaries to be found anywhere for that paper? She herself was amazed when I told her that, as far as I know, she just passed the paper with flying colours.

  10. captainff:

    I wouldn’t be too sure that you know what Thalidomide was and is, Distillers never had an opportunity to present their scientific evidence in Court, The drug is presently used for many purposes.

    Distillers contended that Thalidomide was prescribed to women who had had loss of healthy foetuses because of hyper-sensitive immine responses in the womb.

    Thus, foetuses were being born dead who should have been born alive and well.

    The problem in damping-down this hyper-sensitivity is that deformed foetuses will be born alive instead of dead.

    Harold Evans knew that this dfnce might prejudice the chances in court of women who had given birth to live deformed foetuses.

    Accordingly, he ran interference in the “Sunday Times” (which he controlled) so that Distillers would have to settle without their case going before a court.

    He was very generous with other peoples’ money, was Mr. Evans…

    The key question would appear to b the distributions of live and spontanously-aborted foetuses, healthy and deformed, to mothers whose risk pre-existed Thalidomide.

    I have never seen these analyses — ot would be interesting to check this out.

    It may just be, that there are perfectly healthy adults who might have been born dead. Who owe their lives to Thalidomide…



  11. Thanks for the information Tony.

    I guess that I should have originally, and more accurately, said that I explained the way in which thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women, the ensuing controversy regarding its safety due to the increased number of children born with birth defects, and its subsequent withdrawal from use in that area of medicine.

  12. I am speechless. All that’s missing is the question asking if global warming is a) Entirely true b) Entirely true.

  13. To CFE:-
    Yes, I am sad to say that they do.

    Some of these are possibly clever ones who have been entirely demotivated away from studying what is rpesented as “science”.

    Others are those hwo would have ordinarily failed anyway, through tragic circimstances like staying functionally-unsocialised, due to socialist-driven family situations. (Although libertarians know that this problem is fixable.)

    Still others are confused by what all this pretentious and meaningless twaddle means, and just, er, switch off.

  14. I merely point out that it is logically possible for there to be Global Warming without Anthropologenic Global Warming necessariy having anything to do with it.

    If we can (as it seems) recycle carbon through cultivating algae blooms so as to provide endless supplies of cheao crude oil, this could be immensely useful.

    The objectives can be pursued without pursuing the AGW thesis in the slightest degree.

    This is the only planet we have available us as of right now.

    You surely wouldn’t want to get that one wrong.



  15. Good God. This is appalling. I’m quite sure my (private school-educated) 10 year-old daughter could ace this thing.

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