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Whatever you might think of The Prince of Darkness – and remember the “LTT” in 1997 – and there are those including commentators on this blog who would even like to have him as a dinner-guest, the “Plane Stupid” people fill me with at least as much anger and fear as do the ALF mob, and certainly far, far more than “radical Islamism” (whatever that repetitious double-positive might be.)

The Plane-Stupid-Nazis and ALF people are here, embedded among us by the activities of (non)-Universities and the State’s “national curriculum” – unlike “radical Islamists”, who are, er, not here: the former are also disguised as real people.

Mandelson, being a socialist, is institutionally-a-killer-of-people, even if he does not know it or believe it himself. That is what makes him what he is. Deen, on the other hand, thinks that she knows perfectly well what she believes and is doing: people who believe what she does _intend_ to kill human beings, actively, by their policies. Incidentally, her public media-relations-training is exemplary – she comes across as in charge of the whole proceedings, with the exception of a little girlish nervousness just after having greened-up Lord Mandy. (I had to laugh.) Really poised perfromance on the whole, and thus very dangerous to everyone in the coming times.

What an extraordinary, and somewhat cathartic, experience it is: watching mandelson and Deen, and by implication all their friends, and trying to imagine a scenario in which you share a planet with such ones.

Interestingly, if you go to Iceland on google Earth, you will find that its main airport has three runways. Just thought I’d mention it.

Oh, and Chicago O-Hare has at least four, as does Paris-Orly, and Schipol appears to have…..five. Hmmmm.

This is fun….it’s only had 4 views, so help the poor lady:-

And how about tihs one then, Miss Deen?


  1. To Leila Dean, Your breath is distroying the climat as well. Hope you are charged for assault. Mnb ( Canada )

  2. Leila,

    What right do you have to assault people in the name of climate change. You are nothing but a thug and you deserve all you get!

  3. Idiot! It’s not even a case on whether he is green or not, but she assulting someone becuase they don’t have the same belife as her!

  4. I predict:

    We will see a lot more of these “Plane Stupid” people, and it will not be funny at all.

    Initially, of course, many of them will fly to international conferences like Bandung.

    Later, their operatives will kill people, initially one by one, or a few dozen at a time, and then by the planeload.

    Then, by the skyscraper-load, and they will have learned it from their friends.

    I predict it.

  5. Ah, the lovely Leila. Marvel at the humourless visage, the propensity to lecture and hector, the monotone recitation of a rote-learned hymn-sheet, the sense that the law is there for others… for the little people who do not understand.

    And yes, DD. Look into the eyes of a fundamentalist. There is no cause higher than that of saving the pwanet and the evil Deniers must be purged fwom our midst.

  6. We shall meet these people again, I fear.

    Libertarians are right to say that they ought to be able to say what they like. What is needed is the proper non-statist enshrinement in Law (which can be discovered without modern-big-States’ help) of Natural Rights, as shown by us.

    Life, Liberty, justly-acquired property.

    The matter of Heathrow can be settled by simple exercising of property-Rights in the land, by those who now own them. If the price suits them, they will sell. If not, not.

  7. Plain Stupid.
    Now how do the rest of us get near someone to have our say. They are bound to tighten up security. Dont be so immature.
    B*ggered it up for the rest of us.

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