Obama: let’s hope he makes it through the four years

David Davis

Oh dear oh dear, it’s coming apart at the seams already. Shouldn’t have voted for lefites then. Bummer.


  1. Maybe either a. he’s stopped taking the coke or b. these dang rules about smoking in the White House are taking their toll.

    I mean, imagine having to gather together a posse of Secret Service agents to go out and stand having a puff in the rain!

  2. Say what you like about the American political system, but “we”* took years to work out that Bliar was just full of hot air, sound bytes, spin and lies…they’ve taken weeks / months.

    Despite the massive size of the pork barrel he’s got signed off, I haven’t heard of an Ecclestone affair yet.

    Could be that’s because I haven’t bothered watching the low speed car crash. I was actually hoping that I was wrong about him – for all our sakes.

    *no? me neither, but I thought it made for a funnier post.

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