Poor mad tormented Prince Charles has been at the green sauce-bottle again

David Davis

In Rio this time: nice for some I guess.

“100 months to save the world”…..my trousers.


  1. Didn’t he study art?

    Listening to him about science is about aso believe sensible as letting a historian run the finances, or a cookery teacher run the Homes Office (sic)

    At least he’s daft enough to belief the ‘science’, has the goracle got an excuse?

  2. Martin,
    That’s most interesting! I have often wondered to myself about myself, but not for the reasons this link suggests. I will investigate and report back to you on my mental state…..

  3. And if there is more such forest, then jolly good. I have never been in favour of chopping it down, as there may have been local climate effects that we couldn’t know – and also for the ppotential usefulness of stuff we could extract from it.

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