RBS: interesting and sad, but inevitable

David Davis

I mean, what is the point, if you are a Stalinist, of nationalising an enormous bank, which is still operating mechanically as a bank that does banking thingies, if you can’t use it to influence free property transactions your way, and push people about? 

The Landed Underclass wins, again, the Daily Targeting Grand Challenge Cup. Either he does nothing all day, or else he gets up earlier than I do.

Meanwhile, in the madhouse, the political grandstanding continues. Why, instead of all that, since they are so kind and upright and want to “protect the integrity of the honours system” to assuage their pretend-rage, don’t the Westmonster buggere show what they are _really_ made of? Take away fred goodwin’s knighthood? My trousers they will! It could happen to them next!

Why don’t they just throw poor Fred’s wife and children to the lions in the arena, and make him watch? They’ve done almost as much already.

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