May we live in interesting times

David Davis

I don’t mind that. Not really. It keeps you awake, keeps the brain oiling over, and does what dear Jeffrey Archer says it does on the tin: “A Man is immortal until his work is done”.

My attention was drawn about five minutes ago to a change in the linkage of a post we did almost two years ago. Here it is. The original article to which I referred has “been withdrawn” (thank you Tony, old friend, for alerting me.) It irritates me only with my engineer’s hat on, since the main point of the post has been largely negated. You can get the sense of it by going to The Times (online) and seeing the comments which have been left on, but that’s poor fare really.

From now on, This Blog says:-

The interweb thingy has been severely corrupted by scumbag-sellers-of-technology-to-narks, GramscoFabioTrotskyists who want money for enslaving people, “private-sector-partners-in-IT”, and the like, to the extent that, functionally, whatever we write here or whatever I email to friends, or whatever websites we go to without exception, is “public” knowledge –  in that the State or the local Police Gauleiter can demand it at any time.

In view of this, I do really urge all conservative (which is to say, ordinary liberal and human) bloggerists, to remotely store _ALL_ source material taken off the MSM to which they would like readers to refer, somewherem er, else. Again, I could not say where: that is up to you.

But the cyberworld we live in is no longer like a paper library, where a book has to be physically burnt, by a Gramsco-Marxian Mob, to expunge it (and even then people won’t listen.) There may be only one chance to ref something the Enemy Class fears or does not like. Broken links in our archives will irritate not just us but people we want on our side.

So we have to be able to virally retransmit the stuff later.

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