ACMA and The Great Firewall of Australia

UPDATE2:- Here’s Angry Exile. and his/her take.

UPDATE:- And Samizdata, bless them, have also noted the Prison Island Plans. Why’s not Australia done that? They’re ahead in all other cyber-surveillance stuff…what’s it called? Bacup? ACPO? ACMA? Echelon, you know, that sort of thingy-business?

David Davis

I have not the time today to trawl through (referred to by The Landed Underclass and Boing Boing) the entire ACMA list of banned websites, soon to be marooned outside the Great Firewall of Australia, to find out if our blog  or indeed our parent archive at the LA, here,  is on it. (.txt)    PDF here.    About 50% of the list thingy is probably various forms of pornography anyway, and any self-respecting Okker will just want to puke a pavement-pizza even just reading the titles. Can’t think why people could ever want that sort of stuff: but there are some odd religions too about the place and there’s no accouting for tastes in a Free World.

BUT if there are any Ocker (Okker?) friends and readers of ours out there, inside Australia today and online, please could you simply reply via comment to this post, that you can still hear us? Thank you. That is all I ask. Could you do it regularly too, please? I’m sure your native bureauNazi population will be updating the list periodically.

It seems that The Internet, “at 20 years old”,  is at last acquiring the properties of an enormous and sentient living creature, with innate powers of reasoning and learned behaviour. When faced with censorship, its brain interprets this act as  __Damage__  and routes resources around it.

Bet you 5p The Remittance Man will pick this one up in a minute, but so far not yet. He’ll be back from the bar shortly.


  1. If this gets put into play, that list will be just the tip of the iceberg.

    Any suggestions for a new country to move to? Somewhere warm would be good.

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