Climate Change….Oh, I understand! It’s a religion!

David Davis

The effing greenazis have really coined it this time. Struck gold they have. I think this is a pre-April-1 windup but I cannot be sure…….Now, you can claim for unfair dismissal if your bosses (capitalist runningdogs and lackeys of the Boss Class, so they all are of course) are not sufficiently committed to fighting global warming. You cna get dosh off them, while even being fired so you can throw green custard at Peter Mandelson.

Just throw the green custard, love. We’ll hoover up after. (I think PM took it quite well though, the dear fellow.)


  1. Surely this is a good thing. If it’s a religion then in future we won’t have to take them any more seriously than someone who thinks that 9 year old rape victims shouldn’t have abortions, right? And if they vandalise a power station because of their religious belief wouldn’t it be extremism?

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