How Statist politicians so hate to be hated….

…..of course they do, for they dream of being thanked for politicising all human life….(here’s what they do barefaced, about Fuel Duty – thank you Landed Underclass!)

David Davis

It says over at Guido’s place that  “David Aaronovitch fears the populist influence of “potty-mouthed right-wing bloggers on some political journalism”. “   Guido says the original ref is at the Adam Smith Institute, so here it is for informational following.

I can’t remember whan I read a more apposite and trenchant objective on Guido, and he does produse a crop of them rather regularly too….. so when he says this:- 

This is   because Guido wants to de-politicise more areas of human action, increasing the non-political space in our society and culture, for which a necessary pre-condition is the discrediting of politicians by exposing their venal, self-interested behaviour.  Aaronovitch is right to fear.    

…he is striking at the dark heart of wannabe-big-Statism that lurks in the chests of the entire Enemy Class. We said in 1978 I think…

“What we want is a government so small that it doesn’t matter where it is, what it does, who they are or how they got there” (“free Life”, Vol I, No 1, frontispiece cartoon) we essentially said the same thing.

If anybody – anywhere in the world – has a copy of this primeval edition of “Free Life”, please could they scan it? I would be grateful.

Here’s a good comment on Guido today from Minekiller:-


It’s so good I’m going to print it. if he or Guido minds I will delete it and just leave up the link….

Minekiller says:

Posts 34 and 35….TomTom and Anon,

So we are all potty mouthed bloggers? Umm. Perhaps, but I don’t claim for a second home that isn’t, fly my family around the country at taxpayer’s expense, start illegal wars, collude in torture, commit demographic terrorism against my fellow citizens by encouraging unrestricted immigration to buy votes in marginal and safe seats, betray the armed forces, announce defence cuts in the face of Russian re-armament, engage in ludicrous social engineering projects (that inevitably fail), politicised the police against the public, restrict civil liberties to the point of shredding Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights in the name of a “War on Terror” which is a false construct since they are the party that rely on the radicalised Muslim vote in key seats….etc etc.

…so “Potty mouthed maybe”….but not a thief, incompetent, mendacious, war criminal, traitorous scum…like new labour, its Cabinet members, MPs, Councillers, the party infrsastucture…the rotten, corrupt edifice.

As if to exemplify the whole rancid mess, I note at this point in my comment that even the ‘Beast of Bolsover’ was beaten to a slient pulp at PMQs yesterday by a superbly timed and delivered quip by Cameron, the old leftie with his failed ideas sat looking deflated and wasted, symbolic of the whole shambles that is Labour.

They will of course try and further restrict free speech in their totalitarian way since it is all they know, having grown up under the wings of loony Marxist professors at university – I saw these types myself and what never failed to amuse me was that the clever people spotted the subversion straight away, but I suppose most of us never expected the nutters from the Labour Students/SWP/CND to be actually ‘running’ the country. Try as they may it is too late, I am amazed at how important the blogosphere has become to politics. Thanks to this, new networks have been built, views and ideas exchanged, much of supposed objective role of the MSM (especially the BBC) in holding government to account has been exposed as a lie, since it is loaded with their cronies and acolytes.

I hadn’t realised the extent that our political ‘leaders’ (filth all), took this blog seriously and I am delighted that it strikes nerves. It should do. These lousy people have been troughing at taxpayers expense in return for nothing but failure after failure for too long, living behind the sycophancy of the Westminster village, SPADs, MSM journos and the whole false construct of their Matrix like existence.

The game is up and they should be thankful that we are only at the blogging stage, if things get any worse in this country, these horrible, traitorous people may get something that makes them yearn for the days when being a bit pissed off at bloggers was all they had to get riled about.

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