Another nail in the coffin of statism in Britain: Christianity and great churches, made of triumphant uplifting stone which soared to the Heavens

Thank God for George Pitcher, who has said what I have been thinking but have not got round to saying for 40 years. Golly, how lazy we got.

David Davis

(edited for republishing 12.10.13, for the interest of recent attendees to this blog, who might not have seen earlier postings in our archives.)

Everybody knows that the Churches were used for all sorts of secular purposes , for centuries. Even I know that, bumpkin that I am: I just forgot. But if this nation is to be the first to be _De-Christianised By Law_ , which looks like happening and which I personally think to be a wrong thing to do, simply for the purpose of appeasing certain favoured-Nazi groups, then the way back is to be able to use churches for all sorts of stuff that they already were used for, that was moral and good.

When I was a student, I decided in my second and third year, to go about the nation on my Triumph Tiger Cub 200 cc motor-bicycle, “325 TPE”, and here is an example of one, which I bought for £65 when I was 19. I didn’t like its balck and grey colour scheme, so I painted all the static metal parts bright red with Humbrol enamel hobby paint and a coarse brush: it looked really hot.

I took with me on my travels a mottley ragbag of Olympus half-frame camerae which I still possess, one of them even being a “single-lens-reflex”, which was the last word in photographic penis-size-comparisons that you could utter, at the time. It even had “through-the-lens-metering”…which actually was more trouble than it was worth if you were inside a dark building and trying to look out.

I also often took on my back  “brass-rubbing” apparatus: you know….a big roll of “all-rag paper”, in a waterproof wrapping, and some “heel-ball” in black and other colours for a laugh.

I photographed about one sixth of the Southern English medieval churches, based on the objective that what I did would be the only substantive record of where they were, what they looked like, and what interesting details they had – all this was in case they ever fell down.

Yep, I was a bit autistic.

It was all in B/W on Ilford Pan-F (50ASA) (if I was rich that term) or HP3 (400 ASA)  (if I was short of funds.) I wound the cassettes myself in a darkbag, from 100-foot rolls, and often could get 90-100 half-fram-frames into a standard 35mm cassette.

The archive still exists in my library. I was not a libertarian then, but libertarians ought to be conscious of the desire of ordinary people to understand and record and preserve their history, sothat they will not be forced by tyrants to forget what is to happen in the future.

Here are just a few places I went to. These are not my pix or records, all newer ones:-











I expect that someone, in the night, tonight, will comment the following: that these building projects were fascisto-collectivist Gramsco-Hitlerite makework scams, which were the “Public Private Partnerships” of the tyrants of the day. Or that they were “the tyrannical works of organised religion”. But I don’t think that people like Henry III, say, or Edward I, thought quite like Gordon Brown did, or David Cameron or “Nick” “Clegg” do now.


  1. Too true, too true. The Triumph Tiger looks more like a proper motorbike than I grew up on, we rode Honda Supercubs and Yamaha Passolas and others. I think we were Chav-Mods.

    I’ve been off the road for years, which is a shame, because I often look in envy through my window at the motorists. I suppose I’ve gotten some of the more ‘important’ things in return though, considering the thoughtful, indulgent and impressionable youth that I was.

    Just as well really. If I hadn’t have found them, I’d probably, subconsciously, have taken to the tarmac to pursue them.

    They always picked me to be the driver though, even if it was someone else’s car. I think it was the natural intuition for movement and juncture, and smooth praxic movement about the controls which made them say that.

    Insofar as the Churches are concerned 1SL/CNS, don’t worry about them falling down. They were created by people, and they’ll be fixed by people.

    Their reason, by my reckoning, won’t be proven wrong in the forseeable future.

    Shame the cunt doesn’t show up to fix them his bastard self, by my reckoning.

  2. Brixworth is a lovely little church. It dates in part from before the Norman conquest. I have a feeling it has one of those Saxon windows with a pillar in the middle somewhere in it. I am sorry, I don’t know the technical term for such windows, although I do know that the church is largely romanesque.

    On the wider topic of de-christianisation, what the progressives don’t realise is that at the end of this path they are pursuing testing their ideas to the limit lies not “equalities heaven” but unrestrained nationalist / ethnic reaction. (Libertarian revolution would be nice, but human nature makes the darker option rather more likely.)

    Of course, if they hadn’t worked so hard to destroy the common law, christianity, good manners and traditional British attitudes including self-restraint, it wouldn’t be so, but I suppose that once they’ve made their grave, they just have to lie in it.

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