David Davis

Via the irreplaceable Landed Underclass, we find that The Lone Voice and Old Holborn got this. So, let me get this right: plunging ourselves into darkness means we are in favour of “saving the planet”?

Who the f*** are these bozos? And who is advantaged by their strictures?

SO……turn on all the appliances that your house electricity Main will stand, for the whole hour.

There is more liquid methane in one sea on Titan, than here is water in the Mediterranean.


  1. Why put your own leccy bill up? Just be an Earth Hour refusnik, which is a piece of piss when it doesn’t involve doing anything different. But do tell anyone you know who’s going in for this crap how laughably little it achieves (the equivalent of one car’s emissions) and that the media (Sydney Morning Herald I think) have been known to resort to photo trickery to make it look as if far more people were involved than really were. Earth Hour is pointless whether you believe in AGW or not – it’s either utterly irrelevant or hopelessly inadequate.

    My button’s been pressed. Expect a rant on this later.

  2. Ok but we have to do something for the Earth, no?

    Why not pu as much CO2 as poss back into the atmosphere, which is a few trillion tons short of the stuff right now, owing to global cooling (or which has even caused it?)

  3. We have to do bugger all. I understand those sceptics who want to protest this silly carbon guilt ritual by turning on as many lights and electric appliances as possible for an hour, but frankly my bill is bad enough as it is because of the fuckwittery that’s prevented nuclear power generation in a country with huge uranium deposits. I intend to treat Earth Hour with the contempt it deserves by ignoring it altogether, though since the Melbourne Grand Prix is on up the road and it’s the opening weekend of the Aussie Rules football season I’ll be emitting a little extra carbon by watching TV from about noon to midnight.

  4. Good point.

    It’s also a matter of slight humiliation, since the Anglosphere invented nuclear power (in all its manifestations!) and yet we sit across the Channel from a country which (a) despises us with ill-disguised indulgence, and (b) generates about 80% of its leccy from nuclear!

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