If in doubt….PAYRISE!

Fred Bloggs

In the face of the current economic crisis (some might say fiscal armageddon) the goverment has devised a plan, which consists of, briefly, giving themselves a 60% pay rise. No doubt this “plan” will solve all the economic problems in the world, feed all the starving Africans, raise Atlantis, and with all its well-crafted majesty, scare the Russians so shitless they’ll give Lenin a haircut. Or, well, maybe not.

Apart from the Atlantis bit.

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  1. What ought we to do with the buggers, Fred? Things can’t go on like this.

    I take it you saw Daniel Hannan scragging GBrown in the EU. Nearly a million views in under 48 hours, wish they all came through this bolg….

  2. When the private sector can longer bear the excess of the public sector, we shall see how their kensyian/stalinist ways realy work.

    The game is afoot Watson!

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