I have more GCSE science and maths papers issued under New Labour

UPDATE1:- Teachers want a day off “for admin“….yep, you’ve guessed it – it’s the GramscoMarxiaNUT.

And here’s a comparison paper from 1957:-


(Sorry about the above – I could not separate the top item on that search from the rest of the googlepage.)

Try this here:-



David Davis

We got a pingback this morning from Whoops, about the state-denial of dumbing-down, within State-directed education syllabuses. They quoted The Devil, and I have added Obotheclown, as secondary sources of comment about whta we said.

Here are some more papers you might like to try on an intelligent, home-educated 10-year-old from China, or indeed such a person from the UK who may be the same age or just a tiny bit older – there are some.


This is the “unit 3” paper (“higher”), taken by fairly bright 16-year-olds. Not that many get this far:


And this is the “mark scheme”:-


This is a “unit 2” paper (“higher”) – probably a larger proportion of candidates would take this one:


And this is its “mark scheme”:-


I fully expect that John Band will scrag me. But he cannot deny that these papers contain facile and shallow questions, glibly skating over real science, and which are about largely non scientific material, substantially answerable without having to understand anything more than the very basic equations of Newtonian mechanics….or worse.


  1. Thanks for the Obo link, I missed that and I’ll add it in an update. I see you got into the fact that not only is it dumbed-down but it’s also testing how well these poor kids have been drawn into the state agenda, re: global warming, cannabis etc. which I didn’t mention due to lack of time this morning.

  2. Almost the entire strategic thrust of the papers is directed towards the global-AGW-climate-change-feminazi epistemoligical axis of thought.

    For example, in one physics paper, the owner of a “small machining business” is described as “SHE”, and “she” wants to decide what to do to reduce her fuel bills for heating.

  3. David, it’s always “she”. In all the papers. If there’s a picture of someone, if a “he” gets a look in, he’s going to be shaded in. It’s like white males don’t exist in the world of GCSE. Why can that be? Answer by writing with a low-carbon pencil on the lines below

    ———(1 mark)

    The equation for distance travelled is in the box below.


    The distance a woman travels (d) is 100 metres. Using the equation for distance in the box, calculate how far she has travelled. The correct answer is obtained by writing the number “100”

    ——–(1 mark)

    The woman walked 100 metres in order to help her friend Mohammed protest against a power station, which would ruin the countryside. Explain why the world would be better without electric power.

    ———–(10 marks)

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