………..very sick


Sorry I haven’t posted here. Have been slightly under the weather. Swore I would never do two posts in the same place but I am dying and important news is afoot. I have posts at my place if you want to check them out.


That’s my reason for being s*** please check out the rest of my posts that I managed today before I disolved into a hideous heap.

Mr D I tried to e-mail you regarding posts but my hotmail is down. Am going to bed now. Very sorry about s**** post.

Mummy x


  1. Don’t go near a “British State” hospital, mummy.

    They are places where you go to get very ill, they are full of bureauscrotes initiating initiatives.

    Ther are alos quantities of fat slags pretending to mop floors with sullen expressions, and you get too many points for trying to play “Spot-The-Doctor” as there are none.

    But don’t die ‘coz I and Dr Gabb and Fred are going to be busy over the next few days, and we need your excellent posts copied up here.

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