Daniel Hannan on newsnight, behind enemy lines

And for light relief, here’s JamieOliveOil, talking about the EU Common Agricultural Police:-

Here’s what Prodicus thinks of the BBC, as it now stands, in the modern world…the poor old organisation just does not get it.


  1. I don’t want to sound patronizing, but who the fuck was the kid predictably wittering on about Thatcher, a former PM who left office nearly twenty years ago (which I’d guess is sometime between when he learned to stop shitting himself and when he started school)? And Christ, how desperate was he to blame Thatcher rather than criticize a left wing government for doing spending 12 years doing fuck all about whatever he’s unhappy with? Not exactly clear what specifically he was blaming Thatcher for because I’d say she failed to create a free market in a kind of ‘close but no cigar’ way. And every time I hear some tit saying the free market I want to grab them by the throat and scream ‘what fucking free market?’ When will they stop blaming something that hasn’t been fucking tried yet?

  2. That’s the glory of the corporatist strategy. By leaving companies in nominally private hands but running them by remote control from government, you can always blame them when things go wrong as being “unbridled free markets”.

  3. True, but what astonishes me is how many people either knowingly trot (ha!) out a bare faced lie or unthinkingly regurgitate the lie they’ve heard without ever stopping to analyze it. Are people really that daft that they think all those central banks and all those Treasury departments are fucking free market window dressing? Do they imagine Britain’s FSA, America’s SEC and ASIC down here are often referred to as regulators for the hell of it? I despair some days, I really do.

  4. Fred Bloggs and I have been wondering exactly who that “singer” was, and what he, almost 100% unbriefed, was doing on the programme.

    Never heard of him. And Hannan was bravely interrupted rather more frequemtly than him, by the “lady presenter”.

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