1. The Democrat Party House leader is from California…Queen Nancy! The story is going around over here today online, that Nancy Pelosi calls herself “Queen Nancy” (this is supposed to be the joke she makes to her staff!), and that she is getting her fool self flown around in the fastest and most costly military jets, instead of flying on the ordinary airplanes that the rest of us have to use, the ones that mostly land in the river all of the time. The plea of course is “busyness,” self-adoring conceit in other words. There is not an hour, not a minute, when the Earth gets any relief whatsoever from these political quacks. I bet that given the inflated cost of “governance” that every time messrs Brown or Obama flush the toilet, it costs the equivalent of a year “on benefit” for at last a couple of welfare cases.

  2. The North Atlantic web log _Bodwyn Wook_ is a promoter of both the American Libertarian and English LPUK parties.

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