Financial Fools Day.

Fools pretending to be protestors. Terrorists pretending to be protestors. Vandals pretending to be protestors. Greenies, Beardies, Trots, Commies, Scroungers, Losers and Wasters all pretending to be protestors. They are not protestors, they are f***wits.

What were they protesting for…………they weren’t. They were protesting against. Against everything that most people want in life.

These f***wits state that they speak for the population of Britain. No they don’t, they speak only for the idiots that support their cause. They are not interested in anyone else. They are happy to use violence and vandalism to get their message across. They are thugs, idiots and hypocrites.

Much beefing up of the Police in the blogosphere (I am guilty of this too). The only Coppers interested in starting a riot are the PoliticoPolice, those that stand to gain reward from Labour. The types that belong to Acpo. The ones at the very top. The ones have spent today, sat in ‘Head-Quarters’ , staring at CCTV monitors fed by 3000 cameras, watching the ‘real Coppers’ out on the street.

The Copper on the ground doesn’t want a riot. The regular Copper has been set up by his master (and he/she knows it). If they suppress trouble, those as the top will take all the glory. If they are seen to be inflaming it, they will be hung out to dry. Like the rest of us, the average Copper can’t win. He is just a pawn in the big Political Game.

I have watched the footage this afternoon, and I don’t care what anyone says, the Coppers on the ground have conducted themselves with great skill. And they should be applauded. It is very easy to see them as a group that ply the wares of this Labour Government and it is easy to forget that all those Coppers are just people like you and me. I myself, in the last couple of weeks have been swept up by the whole ‘Plod is out to get us’ way of thinking.

It is easy to forget that whilst I, as a member of the public, hate the restrictions this Government sees fit to put upon me. What I can drink, what I can eat, where I can smoke, what I can think etc… the average Copper also has to put up with this, and then when he/she goes to work there are more restrictions, targets, rules etc to follow. The average Copper isn’t the stooge of this Government, it is the fall guy. And I have only just realised this (another Mummy learning curve).

All those Coppers, on the ground, in London today, are real, down to earth people. They are members of the Public. They have families, mortgages, bills and commitments. Just like the rest of us. They are involved in the protests today. But not by choice. They have to be there. The thugs, idiots and terrorists (check your dictionary) get to cover their faces whilst they vandalise property and assault the Coppers. The Coppers don’t get this privilage. They are there for all to see. If they have to use a sheild, a baton, a taser, CS Gas or just their hands to protect THEMSELVES, they will be scrutinised. They could be punished. They could lose everything. They are the fall guys. Just like our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These Coppers can’t say no. They have to attend these protests.

But in the real world, they are just like you and me.









A member of the public.








Members of the public.










A member of the public.

I am going to post this at my place aswell. I have learnt something today. Something important.


  1. Surely equality is better, even if we’re all equally in the shit
    I’m sorry but I totally disagree with you here. I am a good person. I earn my money and I would like more. My children are well behaved and well mannered because I teach them to be that way. I will not be happy to be in the shit with those that were lazy and those that were greedy. I earn what I get and it is MY RIGHT to spend it on what I want to. I don’t believe in man-made global warming. I believe in climate change. It is a natural progression of the worlds climate and I will not have f***wits tell me about my carbon footprint and I will not allow them to tell me what I can and cannot do. It is not for you guys to tell me how to live my life, any more than the Government has the right too. It is my right to choose and you must not speak on my behalf. I have my own voice thankyou, and I know how to use it.
    I am really hoping your comment was a total piss-take, the likes of which I am used to giving and recieving but I must admit to suffering a massive ‘sense of humour faliure today’. If, however you were serious, well, there is nothing else to add.
    (I do have a sneaky feeling that you are ripping the piss out of me here – I hope so).
    Mummy x

  2. The police have a choice – work for the police – that is protecting the increasingly authoritarian regime, trampling upon people’s rights and supporting the ruling classes, or don’t.
    The police were created to assist in the repression of freedom for the state, it is a job they continue to perform today.

    Most of the protestors are idiots, but there is something wrong. Instead of defending the status quo, libertarians should be attacking it.
    The oligopoly of banking was created by the state. This /is/ a state created problem, but the solution does not look like more of the same just with a bit less government.

    Libertarians need to reclaim the left. It was captured by the Tories to support industry and the parasitic classes, and the Marxists (quite what they want I don’t know). It must be shown the its true, anti-authoritarian, free market roots.

    At the same time we should be exposing the corporate state for what it is. The capitalists who live off the labour of others thanks to the state’s two or three hundred year campaign against individuals and workers should be exposed as much as the union bosses (who also live off the labour of others thanks to the state’s cooption of the union movement).

    The true free market should be lauded – those who work should be allowed to keep 100% of the produce of their labour, disposing of it how they wish, but this false free market of state support for business (in its myriad of ways) should be condemned.

  3. “It must be shown the its true, anti-authoritarian, free market roots.”
    Speak English please.
    “those who work should be allowed to keep 100% of the produce of their labour”
    Except the bankers.
    I can’t be bothered to fisk your comment because I can’t actually understand what point it is you are trying to make.
    Mummy x

  4. None of those protesters gives a toss about any banking failures, it’s just a good excuse for a get-together and a scrum.

    As for the Police, well, the Police in their actual form are a ‘civilian militia’, albeit without firearms. The stated purpose of this particular civilian militia is to enforce the law, which is presided over by the Justices of the Peace. Apprehending criminals, gathering evidence, keeping the peace and so on.

    Although in the opinions of many people they leave much to be desired of them in these tasks, there are worse police forces in the world. The real objection, which should be reiterated whenever and wherever necessary, is that they work for us, and not the government, because government supposedly works for us also.

    And I agree Mummy, the Police aren’t to blame. Whenever I’ve spoken to police officers I’ve always found them to be good and quite agreeable people. It’s usually some bastard in an oak-panelled office who is to blame. Gramsco-Marxists, as the Admiral calls them.

  5. MummyLongLegs, what a great April fools joke that post was 😀
    I bloody hope it was, anyway 😮

  6. These lunatics need to get cut off from their trust funds. How do they eat? Who supports them?

    Obviously, the nut-jobs pouring fake blood on themselves have never held a job. Maybe this is why they protest. They are incapable of being of any service to others.

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