Weaponized dustbins, and doing athletics for the children because the government says so

Peter Davis

Recently there has been word on this blog about weaponised dustbins, now I suspect that Fred Bloggs got the idea from  this German WWII weapon called a ‘Goliath’ wich is like a radio controlled tracked mine and he wanted to stick a bin filled with explosives (obviously) on top of the Goliath, and then a mounted machine gun on the top.

Expect a better version of this later today or tomorrow.

And also there is something very intresting I was told by a teacher. It was last Thursday, and it was the first lesson, Games. We had just finished playing football and my team as usual lost all the games that we played. At the end of the lesson, we were called in to the teacher, and he briefed us on what we were going to do next when we come back after the Easter holiday. And he said – and I quote from his exact words- “we are moving on to athletics next, because, well, the government said so”.


And here is a poll:


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