Not only do they destroy our liberties in the name of safety against terrorism, but they can’t even do that properly.

David Davis

I become even more convinced of Sean Gabb’s broad thesis: that is to say, that the broad Moslem community in Europe has been “set up”, and “had”, by those who would use them as a stalking-horse to undermine English Liberty – and Liberties.

We in this nation have always been bombed and attacked by people who view individual creative thought and freedom with slightly less enthusiasm than we do. It is nothing new. When it happens, it is very sad, and irritating, and people get killed, often innocent ones. But it’s war, and shit happens in wars (that’s why we are against them unless it it unavoidable.)

So, some galumphing secret policeman seems to have been following a couple of naughty boys up North somewhere, and accidentally let the pages of his “dossier” get filmed…..

In using real (or imagined) threats as instances of the need to curtail people’s liberties yet further, the buggers can’t even observe basic precautions that would not have taxed the spooks of upper-West-Grombooliland – let alone a more serious outfit like the KGB or the Gestapo.

This is what comes of allowing the sinews and wires and electrical circuits and other essential hidden engineering, of the robot-body of a supposedly “great nation”, to fall under alien control.  Control by those half-educated gamma-minus semi-automata, which are the inevitable output of a polity that’s gone to sleep on the job. It’s our fault of course, as I keep saying: we should have stayed awake in 1945. Or earlier. And either got rid of the machinery they could pull the levers on, or else seen to it that the upcoming staff were of suitable ability and leanings.

I’m not saying this Quick fellow who has resigned is necessarily one of the afforesaid automata, but his boss the Interior Minister, certainly is.


  1. Dave:

    Great to read this on here.

    Because CRT lived with a transexual paid member of the “Anti-Terrorism” industry, discussion of “false flag” Ops was verboten in the LA.

    Connsidering that CRT himself had himself been the target of a sustained (and highly successful) reputation-wrecking operation by MI5, this was truly astonishing.

    Chris started to hate “Muslims” (and Christians too, for that matter) with a ferocity that outweighed his love of liberty Maybe he justified all this by reference to the Neo-Con hogwash of Podhorez and all that lot. The Neo-Cons hate liberty as much or more than Islam. They’re under the sheets together… ery puzzling, that Chris could hate al the Abraamic religions except for Judaism and Israel. I’d bet he’d love Netayahu (who was in London the day that the Secret State bombed the Underfrund in a blatant, insultingly transparent “false flag” op. then blamed fictional “Islamic Terrorists.” Bullshit. Rudy Giuliani chose that day to visit London, oddly enough. Pehaps he’s a tro-bombimg junkie too. They get “addicted” to doing it… Each sectacle has to be “better” than the one before. The Aznar government blitzed Madrid to win the Spanish General Election, blamed it on “Al Qaeda”, then — when Spaniards started saying “Wel, let’s get the Hell out of Iraq and Afhanistan”, _completely switched the story_ and tried to blame it on “Basque Separatists.” Every single hard drive which had had any evidence on it was found to have been thoroughly “wiped”,,,

    “The National Security Industry is the principal cause of National Insecurity.”

    Great T-Shirt, eh? (smiles)



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