Its Tuesday, and I think that what we all need is to feel good about being British

Peter Davis

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Recently, a lot of bad things have been happening to this country (like gordon Brown), but I think that what we all need to relieve some stress is to know that over the times Britain, the great island nation, the seventh largest island in the world, has achieved many great things. We’ve understood (and ruled?) the seas since the dawn of time (exaggeration but what it really means is we regarded the oceans as a Road and not a fence) we’ve taught the world how to live, we were the first country ever to abolish slavery (and yet in 2007 we “were made to apologise” by that fool Blair) we invented the Cambridge Rules of football wcich in some countries like Brazil, Portugal, Italy etc, has turned into a religion: we had Henry VIII, possibly the greatest gangster of all time, or possibly the last medieval and at the same moment the first modern Head of State who tried to balance religious feeling against English Independence, Jeremy Clarkson (who does not do any such thing), Top Gear, the invention of DNA, steam power, IronBridge etc. Here’s a very very old pic of me at IronBridge when much smaller: (i’m miserable and irritated with my dad, because it was pissing with rain.)


Then we had Great minds like Brunel (OK he was partly French) who, within a couple of days in the 1830s, revolutionised the nation, and I’m sure that if he were alive today, would design and build a bridge spanning the atlantic that could easily last several billion years in a couple weeks. We have scientists that developed self cleaning glass, we (mostly) built Concord(e), which people at NASA say was a greater technological challenge than putting a man on the moon, and also built the big cross-channel hovercraft and many other things. 

And perhaps, Britain’s greatest achievements of all is how it has managed to attract people who are on holiday, even though the weather here is usually either soggy and horrid, or unbelievably wet and miserable, and we have about two weeks of actual summer, and the country is run by Gordon brown and the Labour party, and London has more busses than people. I mean what other country attracts people to have a holiday other than with the weather. In other countries, its either very hot and nice, or very snowy and nice. Or the food is better and there’s no Gordon Ramsay (not Gordon brown) to swear at you on the telly.

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