I am very sorry but I can’t see the point of this at all

David Davis

Hillsborough was 20 years ago, and a major city is to come to a halt. Look, I am a Londoner, but I really quite like Liverpool: it has a certain aura, and the people here are in general perfectly charming, human and kind.

Simon Heffer’s Spectator article a few years ago, in which he accused the Scousers of wallowing in self-pity, and for which poor Boris Johnson as his editor had to carry the can, under the odious Michael Howard MP, was right on the button.

The BBC still has the only approx-working link I can find, to the original Speccie article of 17.10.2004. The links to this off Boris Johnson’s wikipedia page do not seem to work.

I can’t figure out why Liverpudlians like all this overblown tragedy-theatre, I really can’t. Perhaps socialism has ruined them more than other great cities. I do not know.


  1. Yes, the article by Heffer was rather mean spirited, but then Heffer is not exactly famed for his bedside manner. But I do accept that a city, or a region, can become infected with a sort of collective victim culture mentality, which should not be encouraged.

    Hillsborough was indeed a terrible day, and as a football fan, I am glad to see the back of the old terraces.

    Up the Ipswich Town FC!

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