Show me the money.


Nicky Fisher is an up and coming celebrity. She has been all over the MSM and Blogosphere lately. In fact she is now soooooo famous she has gotten herself an agent. Yep, the well respected and highly esteemed Max Clifford no less. And Max is, as we speak, negotiating a £50,000 for her story after a video of was posted on YouTube.

No she’s not the geezer bird with the voice of an angel that featured on Britains Haven’ t Got Talent, she’s the lass that got a slap in the trap from a copper at the goad a copper and take his photo when he slaps you cos it will make you famous meeting Ian Tomlinson Memorial March.

The Mail has a ‘read all about it’ on Ms Fisher which is quite amusing. Normally the Mail is pretty crap but in this little nugget, you get the feeling that this is one paper that won’t be coughing up 50g’s for Ms Fishers story. In fact I get the feeling they are not impressed with her at all. Mind you, if you are going to sell a story, best not to give it away before the money is in the bank. After all, we have all seen the footage and in the Mail, Ms Fisher tells us exactly what happened. So there isn’t really anything left to sell, but if anyone can sell nothing for something, it’s Max.

The woman struck by a policeman at the G20 protests demanded compensation last night  –  saying she had been left ‘black and blue’. ‘There wasn’t any bruising or marks on my face. He was wearing a glove. – Hmmmm, not that black and blue then.

Yesterday Miss Fisher, who has faced shoplifting allegations in the past , said: ‘I had gone to protest about climate change. That’s my main thing. I really love animals and that’s what I’m worried about. – What have fluffy little bunnies got to do with Ian Tomlinson?

‘The climate change protest seem to have been cancelled or we couldn’t get there. I’m not sure. When I got hit I was trying to get to the vigil for the dead protester. I wanted to pay my respects. – Ah, how sweet, shame you don’t really understand the concept of respect, but it’s the thought that counts.

Dramatic photographs show Miss Fisher shouting and swearing at the sergeant as she attended a vigil in the City.- See, maybe if you had shown the Police Officer some respect, he wouldn’t have had to slap you, but there you go. You got your photo, and now you is famous.

Miss Fisher lives with her dog Poppy and her boyfriend in a rundown basement flat of a Victorian house facing a council estate in Brighton. Neighbours said Miss Fisher had lived in the flat for around ten years, and did not appear to have a full-time job. Miss Fisher and her boyfriend  –  an overweight young man in an England football shirt who refused to give his name  –  were unwilling to discuss the case at length. – Now is it me, or does it sound like The Mail don’t actually like this couple very much.

Ms Fisher has had her 5 mins of fame, but in all honesty, if Max can get 50 grand for this story it will be a miracle. I know he is famous for turning a pigs ear into a well dressed famous pigs ear but surely if The Mail have just printed the story in it’s entirety there is nothing more to add. It’s not exactly a scoop is it, being as we have seen, heard and read all about it already.

I would rather read the Coppers story. You know, about how much he enjoyed providing the ‘customer’ with the exact service she was after, that is what we expect of our police force isn’t it?, a prompt, swift solution to our demands. This copper should be up for ‘Service Provider of the Year’ award. He gave a shouty, screamy, in your face, pushy, goading, trouble making feminazi exactly what she went there for – a photo of herself getting smacked in the trap. Now that is customer service.


  1. Love it, mummy. I must look it up asap.

    In spite of all the increasingly bad press “the police” seem to attract, it’s always hard not to hope that most or some of them are still honestly trying to do what they thought they were supposed to do. The woman sounds like she went there on purpose to wind some of them up.

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