Make of this what you will

David Davis

From here. (PS – help! What is a “Zak Efron” or a “Joe Jonas” , or a “David Tennant”- are they space aliens?) And why is Barack Obama a hero? What exactly has he done that is heroic? (I stood as a Tory prosepctive councillor in Rooksmead ward (or it might have been Brickhill, I can’t be arsed to remember) of Bedford in 1984 – was that heroic? Nah.)

Vicky Brown, general manager of Legoland Windsor, said: “We are thrilled that JK Rowling topped this poll as her books have been a great inspiration to children of all ages.

“At Legoland, we actively encourage imagination and creativity and believe in making the children the heroes – just as Rowling does in her stories.”

The top 10 heroes in the Legoland Windsor poll:

1. JK Rowling – 37.4%

2. Zac Efron – 27.3%

3. Barack Obama – 11.8%

4. Cheryl Cole – 6.7%

5. David Beckham – 4.4%

6. Andy Murray – 3%

7. Sir David Attenborough – 2%

8. Daniel Radcliffe – 2%

9. David Tennant – 1%

10. Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers) – 1%

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