Daphnia Racing

Fred Bloggs

While studying for my upcoming Jolobial warmin,  Political correctness, Biology exams, I got so bored by the “Science”, that I decided to to do an experiment of my own.

The experiment consisted of catching some Daphnia (Water fleas to the non-scientists) and some suprised water snails (they had nothing to do with the experiment, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, they’d walk away from trouble, honest.) The Daphnia were the exposed to different colour LEDs, so that we could see how they reacted.

The first time they were shown /green/ light, the Daphnia immediately got as far away from it as possible, but when they were shown it again, they flocked towards it, which leads me to belive that the were quickly indoctrinated by the GreenNazis while my back was turned.

While seeing the Daphnia crowd around a white LED, I had an idea, Daphnia racing!                                   

If anyone wants to invest in this upcoming sport, please send me all your bank details, pin numbers, credit/debit cards, phone numbers, house deeds or unnecessary children, and I will be glad to invest them in your name until they’re gone. Honest.












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