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Fred Bloggs.

I have just heard from a very reliable source that the Pope, during his trip to the potentially dangerous middle East, has, for his own personal safety, just got a new Popemobile:-


Also, according to my source, the Police are getting a new patrol vehicle, which will be more suited to the environments in which it needs to operate, due to the fact that criminals are now beginning to use medieval weaponry:


EDIT: I just found out,  that due to budget cuts, the Police will instead be using these:



  1. This song appears on eleven albums, and was first released on the rhymes and reasons album, then this is john denver, the rocky mountain collection, the country roads collection, and reflections
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    And the coming of the winter
    Fear that is within you now
    It seems to never end
    And the dreams that have escaped you
    And the hope that youve forgotten
    You tell me that you need me now
    You want to be my friend

    And you wonder where were going
    Wheres the rhyme and wheres the reason
    And its you cannot accept
    It is here we must begin
    To seek the wisdom of the children
    And the graceful way of flowers in the wind

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    Are my sisters and my brothers
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    And the colours of the rainbow
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    And a blessing for today
    Though the cities start to crumble
    And the towers fall around us
    The sun is slowly fading
    And its colder than the sea

    It is written from the desert
    To the mountains they shall lead us
    By the hand and by the heart
    They will comfort you and me
    In their innocence and trusting
    They will teach us to be free

    For the children and the flowers
    Are my sisters and my brothers
    Their laughter and their loveliness
    Could clear a cloudy day

    And the song that I am singing
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    Come and stand beside us
    We can find a better way

    Words and music by john denver

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  2. That’s very nice, Tony.

    But what we need now are spades and JCBs and dynamite, and libertarian ideals. Smiling at the flowers and the children will butter no parsnips in Stalingrad.

  3. But what do you think of my protege Fred Bloggs’ photoshopping skills, combined with libertarian creativity?

    It’s rough, OK, but he thought of the idea himself.

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