MPs’ “expenses”: it gets worse and worse. Now, “non-existent mortgages”

David Davis

What fun it is, in these endarkening times, to watch members of The Enemy Class come a-cropper. Schadenfreude is not even in the race.

UPDATE1:- We gather he’s been kicked off the main part of the ZanuLieBorg hegelian-gravy-train.

Furthermore, what the f*** is an “agriculture minister” for (whether he is “ex” or not), in a First-World Mechanised Nation, in the 21st Century, for God’s sake, when we have GM crops, huge farming machinery, the ability to alter the Climate, pesticides, herbicides, hedges we can grub up and put back at will in five minutes, and a global market for foodstuffs?

States have no business getting involved in agriculture. This is the source of all our problems over food, such as artificially high prices, and starvation in Africa.

Mr Morley’s “non-existent mortgage” is small beer by contrast. All it shows is how much these people despise the rest of us. At least the Tories are trying to stick a finger in the dyke of politician-disrespect. We do actually deserve better politicians.

But the Tories’ ultimate strategy will founder on the libertarian view about politicians a priori, in thr 21st Century: are they strictly necessary at all?


  1. God in Heaven, Sparky, what DO you expect? It’s not real money in the first place, there’s nothing as real as gold behind any of it, just pixels and ‘quantitative easing’ and the generallised defecation generally. To-day, if YOU are short of funds, just stroke the cat in the dark and make pictures of the sparks in your digital camera. They’ll gladly USB these into the PCs in the shops, eh? To ‘upload’ to these Inland Revenue c-nts any time, ANY time.

  2. The correct description for the Ersatz-“Tories” is “Controlled Opposition.” They have no intention of changing anything fundamentally wrong with the State:

    They’re _CONSERVATIVES_ when all is said and done….

    Tony Hollick

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