David Davis

Would you want these people to be in charge, either of your child’s education, or whatever it is that the Yvetteball-ist pretends to be doing? And how can a woman who looks like that get called “Yvette” first of all,  _and_  second-of-all, acquire a job bullying other people?

“Yvette” is the sort of name of a nice pretty little French girl whom you liked to shag one summer when you were a penfriend, or your “gap-year” or something. This can’t be the same girl (but thanks to Guido for the pic anyway.)



  1. What a load of shoats!

    Say, I hope you folks over there don’t happen to think that Those Two Rotten Sonsofbitches, Dick “Stroker” Cheney and That Other Thief, Don “Tamiflu” Rumsfeld, are a couple of fine upstanding fellows or something….

    While needless to say, the Chicago Democrat Party Machine hacks and wardheelers RIGHT NOW are stealing themselves into the most Christawful coma too…their main bitch is the Rape Ugly Cons left so little behind. So Democrats have to print their own bogus money BEFORE they can even steal it off of each other.

    These two schmucks whose phizes you lifted here from off of Guido are living, breathing, farting PROOF, Lincoln said “by the time he is forty a man has the face he deserves.”

    Goes double for Yvy there, eh?

    Well, nanner-nanner, you Limeys, WE got la…Hillary!

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