How to be a Prime Minister: this is the real thing.

UPDATE1:- NB!!! This does  __not__  mean that we don’t still look kindly upon the LPUK.

It’s just that your lot ought to take lessons in resolution and moral fibre, and knowing how and when to Do The Right Thing, before you go onto the ice properly, from The Lady. That she was a Conservative was actually a tragedy: it was a waste.

David Davis

Poor sad defeated and miserable Gordon Brown ought to have taken lessons, when he invited The Lady for tea. I found this while idly trawling:-

Daniel Hannan has got seven+ times more views in a twentieth of the time, but that does not alter the clear skill of The Lady’s perfromance on this video.

Thatcher is an Oxford chemist. This tells you something about what clever and upwardly-mobile girls from poor and/or FabiaNazically-despised backgrounds ought to be encouraged to do.

She will go down in history, which will be kinder to her than Tony Hollick is now going to be, as one of the three greatest and most important women who have ever been (so far of course.) Sorry, Tony, but you probably have some dirt about the woman!

(The leftiNazis is 1971 called her “Maggie Thatcher, milk-snatcher”. So she must have been right then….mostly we tipped the stuff down the plug-hole, while the teacher wasn’t looking – in 1950s-winters it was frozen solid anyway by the time you got it, so you wozz on a n’-hiding-to-nothing”…) (Here’s an interesting take on 1950s free milk given out by governemtns.)

Interestingly, if you wiki “milk snatcher“, you get Margaret Thatcher herself. What a surprise.

This is what wiki says:-

Education Secretary (1970–1974)

When the Conservative party under Edward Heath won the 1970 general election, Thatcher became Secretary of State for Education and Science. In her first months in office, Thatcher came to public attention as a result of the administration of Edward Heath’s decision to cut spending. She gave priority to academic needs in schools,[30] and imposed public expenditure cuts on the state education system, resulting in, against her private protests, the abolition of free milk for school-children aged seven to eleven.[31] She believed that few children would suffer if schools were charged for milk, however she agreed to give younger children a third of a pint, daily, for nutritional purposes.[31] This provoked a storm of protest from the Labour party and the press,[32] and led to the unflattering moniker “Margaret Thatcher, Milk Snatcher”.[31] Of the experience, Thatcher later wrote in her autobiography, “I learned a valuable lesson. I had incurred the maximum of political odium for the minimum of political benefit.”[32]

She successfully resisted the introduction of library book charges. She did not volunteer spending cuts in her department, contrary to her later beliefs.[31] Her term was marked by support for several proposals for more local education authorities to close grammar schools and to adopt comprehensive secondary education. Thatcher was determined to preserve grammar schools, which prepared more students for admission to universities.[30] She abolished Labour’s commitment to comprehensive schooling, and instead left the matter to local education authorities.[30]


  1. That’s actually true, sorta. Aside from the other bits of the graph which are less steep like 1920-1935 or the decline 1995-2000. Or the post war falls.

    But really, is that the legacy? The state grew a little less slowly under Thatcher’s Junta that at times of peak growth – is that it?

    • Yeh that’s it, but it gave us a respite for a few years.

      Pity we did not use it to shaft the bastards.

      We did try to subvert the FCS – honest! We had no money – what else could we do?

  2. Dave:

    I have mixed feelings about Thatcher.

    The late Airey Neave “fixed” the Tory Leadership for her. The “Freedom Association” (CIA; MI6) campaigned tirelessly for her victory in the General Election. British assets in the US could then be deployed to assist in the election of Ronald Reagan.

    My admiration for her intellect and her courage was more than tested by Geoffrey Howe’s doubling of VAT. Since I paid no income tax at all, that cost me real money. I loathed her assertion that “We can do business with Mr. Mugabe…” This was straight betrayal, insofar as the pro-Rhodesia people (including me) had campaigned for her. I loathed her sending Robert Moss to Argentina so as to tell them that the Junta was Thatcher’s preferred form of government for Argentina. Then there was the notice of removal from the South Atlantic of HMS Shackleton, nominally issued by John Nott. (Anyone else here remember these toadies?)

    Unsurprisingly, this led the Junta to think that they could safely get away with annexing the Falklands and the Falkland Islanders to Argentine rule, a miscalculation which cost many of our service men and women their lives.

    The inhabitants of Hong Kong, permanently British sovereign territory inhabited by bona fide British citizens, were handed over needlessly to to Communist China. Thatcher’s — absurd — “justification” was that Hong Kong was totally dependent on the New Territories for foodstuffs and water. Seawater and desalination plants would provide potable water; international trade would supply the foodstuffs, just as they are provided in every supermarket in Britain itself…

    The truth is, that the Tories didn’t want six million British citizens with yellow faces turning up on our shores. Instead of making Hong Kong independent, it was handed over to Communists with the hapless population bound hand and foot.

    Instead of giving the mines to the mineworkers (eliminating Scargill’s power base at a stroke), she got us into a UKP 6 billion civil war, with the absurd McGregor brought in to decimate British Coal. So, instead of thriving mines generating electricity at the pit-head for the Grid, we ended up with a torn country, no coal mines, no steel companies, no aircraft industry except for BAE and no motor car companies. “Maggie” was another “City of London” puppet, is all.

    And she gave birth to a fully-fledged police state, which is now being brought to its apotheosis as a State within a State (like the SS and the Gestapo). It simply is not possible to be libertarian in inclination and admire these things…

    And go read:


    for more, and worse…

    Sweet dreams, my LA Ex…

    Tony Hollick

  3. Here’s the magnificent Christina Aguilera, Living Liberty right now…

    All you need to live free is to cease being owned by your possessions, and to dare to use your own intelligence. All the weapons you’ll ever need are available to you right now. So don’t reach for the alibi “We lack weapons.” We don’t have that problem. a pair of chopsticks are hardly “offensive weapons”, but rammed into an attacker’s more sensitive areas, they have massive deterrent capability. And — with practice — you can THROW THEM through half-inch thick boards. Or a skull…


    PS: I had an agreeable call from a nice lady at ACPO this evening. We’ll be in correspondence. Smiles…

  4. Being British, I love ‘Wallflower’ by MC Frontalot with the lyrics “I’ve got a new dance called The Margaret Thatcher.
    It’ll get in your pants, you’d better call the dispatcher.
    and don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
    except a dance named after a villainous crone.”

    Songs featuring Margaret Thatcher continue to be produced, such as The Magggie Thatcher Experience (http://www.maggiethatcher.com/video.html )with Thatcher’s Death Anthem and ‘The Lady’s not for Burning’ (http://www.maggiethatcher.com/buymusic.html) who are trying to Flash Mob Thatcher’s Death by using social networking sites such as Facebook.(http://www.flashmobdeath.tk)

    They are a one piece spoof band from Sheffield, Yorkshire who make use of Flash Games related to the iron lady or the Miners Strike to gain popularity. (http://www.milksnatcher.com )They are not the only ones, however.

    Chumbawamba also have an E.P out called ‘in Memorium’ which will be sent out to everyone who orders one the day Thatcher dies. The genre ‘Geek or Nerd Hip Hop’ have also produced songs featuring Thatcher such as MC Frontalot with the lyrics

    “I’ve got a new dance called The Margaret Thatcher.
    It’ll get in your pants, you’d better call the dispatcher.
    and don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
    except a dance named after a villainous crone.”

    Says the blogmaster:-
    This is a very interesting and illuminating comment by philanthropicwall: it sheds light on the mindset of the GramscoFabiaNzis, stuck as they are in the belief that Margaret Thatcher is the wicked and persisting source of all opposition to them and their worldview.

    History will be kinder to her, and the reputations of those whom this commenter clearly worships, will crumble to powder.

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