New inside look at OCR ICT education…….. …..First hand experience!

Peter Davis

I did this last year at my school, and you could just tell that this task was thought up by the government.  May I point out that the task was to create a video in Windows Movie Maker about recycling.

I think that, well yes, its fair enough that we have to make a video, as we would learn the skills to be able to do it…..But do we have to do it on ‘Recycling’?

Anyway, this was my submission for OCR nationals Unit 23. It got a very high mark, and it took me 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it … or maybe not.

Yes, you saw it: this is what your children do in year-9 at secondary school it the UK (for foreign readers, this is 13/14 year-olds.)

Blogeditor says:-

Something to do with this stuff would have been more fun…

(…but most of the poor buggers don’t even know what these things are, let alone that they might have even existed.)


  1. The whole curriculum is like this. The children by and large hate it, they aren’t thick, they know they are being preached at.

  2. The young man who posted this is my son.

    I saw this movie for the first time today, and I advised him to put it up – not because it’s a good movie about recycling, or even that it’s PC, but that I thought it was an intrinsically good piece of art, and ought to be shared with people.

    I think that my son has done a good bit of Windoze-editing, in rather poor machinery at school, and it has cone off quite well.

    If people are moved to do GramscoFabianNazi recycling-stuff because of it, that’s a bonus for them.

  3. That’s a dodgey embed thar, matey…but, no worries, I been lookin’ at these here battleships on UNipple fer meself! Surprised the Toity Liberals leave this Violence & Naval Gazing stuff laying around in cyberspace like that, tsk.

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