More Tornado stuff. Long delayed.

David Davis

And when you think about it, what animal would go to this much trouble, in both motive power beauty and enginneering fixtures, to get stuff from A to B? Bees don’t even come close, let alone dolphins or whales…

Many libertarians think that stuff like railways, and fast transport of perishables, which is what they were often for, would not have come about if not for the free flow of creativeness and ideas engendered by the Renaissance, or by the slow burn of English liberalism.

The tragedy of railways is of course that they were taken, and corrupted, by such as Prussia, and France, and other states, and diverted to be a weapon of war. Then, even nice states, such as Britain, decided perforce to collectivise them, in the face of what the wicked were doing. What else could they do? Bad drives out good always.


  1. These appear to be Pacific 4-6-2s, the Tornado for cripe’s sake has 80-inch drivers — the NYC Hudson 4-6-4s were equipped ditto, and could “honest to God” go “to beat hell!”

    The Brit #7 4-6-2s are only seventy-four inches but appear to be 80″, in the pictures.

    No nuclear powered steamers?

  2. ‘Bad drives out good always.’

    Yuss, the good clear off and ‘go to America’. We need now a way of transferring personality into cyberspace completely — that’ll escape completely & so really piss off the collectivists. And, it should be actually more ‘do-able’ than von Neumann probes.

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