The most pretentious, inconsequential twaddle that you shall read all week is…


David Davis

How can one get a job, for example, as a “trainee economic consultant” – and no, I did  __not__  make that up – as a “graduate”, straight out of “uni”? (It’s where I presume he came from?)

The idea of training to be a consultant is surely tautological.

I’m quite sure that I do not need to explain that remark.

A libertarian society may possibly have niches in which like-minded-people can dress up as consultants, and pretend to extract very very large, standard-form-quantities of money from passers-by, as “fees”, at fairgrounds and church fêtes and village-parades/carnivals and the like.

But I’m not sure there’d be very much room for these in the coal-face-sections of a civilisation.


  1. Again, the lamentable flow (and, alas, the ebb) of History:

    In 1956 in the States, for the first time more Americans were ’employed’ in ‘service’ rather than actual production of wealth. So, you see, that vaunted “greatest generation” of Mr Tom Brokaw’s is to blame, as so obviously in its ‘mid-life crisis’ it screwed the pooch, and brought in, you guessed it, The Consultancy. A direct firstr fruiot was the Viet Nm embrogluio & debacle and, secondly, L B Johnson’s “Great Crock Of Shit” squanderment.

    Only, of course, not quite, as the great (sic) British pubic, er, public had sprung for Labour in 1946, ten years before….

    Be that as it may, all my useless and, now, senectuous Baby Boom generation, an infestation of the Earth now also busted, ‘achieved’ was to raise the gambit of over-paid non-work to the absolute acme of…plunderation.

    And when this topic comes up among us, the thieving stupid -ers actually tell me I’m “a crank” on the subject.

    May I invite you all on an extrended visit, therefore, and to bring plenty of ammo — to shoot down like the rabid and un-housebroken dogs they ARE anyone you see born between 1946 and 1964.

    God DAMN the ‘children of victory’.

    (Actuallyu, no God needed, the little bastards’ll do themselves everytime, every time….)

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